Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What the heck happened in November?

So I am not sure what happened to any blogging in November, the last time I blogged was for Cameron's homecoming. So here is a fast forward picture show of what we have been up to. Halloween Cameron carved this great pumpkin and Olly dressed up to greet the trick or treaters, so funny. She loved everythime the door rang.

Courtney celebrated her birthday in Russia with her festive glasses and headband we sent her, I am sure she wore them out tracking all day.....what you don't think so? Come on, it's Courtney! November 22nd my cute Nephew Jake got married in the Manti temple. My brother David and his wife came from Oregon to attend. David and Nancy celebrated their 32rd wedding anniversary in November, and they were also married in the Manti temple.
And below are the Newlyweds Jacob and Evelyn Haupt as they are coming out of the temple. They look soo happy!

The next day we were leaving for Las Vegas for Thanksgiving and my cute brothers asked if there was anything I needed done since they were sitting around waiting for the reception to start that night. I told them I needed to finish hanging my outside Christmas lights. So next thing I knew they were all outside helping to hang lights, it was so awesome to walk out and see them all working together and they had my lights hung in just 30 minutes. Hope they come back next year, they are a much nicer work crew than my normal work crew!

Yes, we went to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving, Austin had invited us months before we knew Jake was getting married. Austin and Cody have a beautiful new home that we got to stay in. Austin and I got up early and ran a Tri Stake 5k at 8 AM, then came back to start the cooking. Here are Steve and Austin enjoying time together.

All Thanksgiving day Leah asked if she could have some of the sparkling cider, we all kept telling her as soon as we had dinner she could have some. So the minute we blessed the food she was wanting her sparkling cider....she was so excited to finally get it! Loved her fancy glass too!

CHEERS! The kids table was way more fun than the adult table!

See....no CHEERING here, just boring talking.

Me, my cute niece Ashley and Austin.

Kandace chillin with Uncle Carlin.

After dinner everyone just relaxed and some even started the "Back Tickle Train"....which I missed out on! Then we played a fun game..."THINGS", let's just say with the Leavitt group there are some things that are TMI.....We had a great time in Las Vegas and even went Friday night and played BINGO as a family. We will have to do this again soon!

And in November we...well Cameron, Kandace and I went to the Premier of "Breaking Dawn", and this is the picture that Kandace took with Edward....Isn't she a beautiful Belle? We had a great November and will next post some of December, before we are another month behind. We are Thankful that we have wonderful family and friends!

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