Sunday, November 29, 2009

Haupts Happy Thanksgiving

We are so Thankful for Family and plenty of food. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed having Grandma and Grandpa Haupt and Keith, Cindy, Morgan and Breadan for Thanksgiving. Keith will take credit for the Turkey, even though Grandma got it ready to put in the oven and Keith actually put it in. It was a delicious meal.
Friday, after Thanksgiving we had a small family open house for Keith and Cindy. Cindy got a "Haupt" overload from all the family that stopped by.
Baby Olive was checking out Grandma Haupt's teeth, She is a future dentis
Uncle Jim entertained the kids with his magic tricks. Breadan and Morgan enjoyedtheirselves.
Ohh.... Thanksgiving morning we got up bright and early and started the day with our traditional "Human Race" 5k. The girls are all smiles, even though it was freezing cold outside.
Here we all are before the race, our traditional group picture. This year Aubs talked her honey Austin into joining us this year. He was a good sport! We're sure he is hooked on this tradition too!

Now.....the real reason the girls love this 5k in the freezing cold. While we were waiting for the race to start we decided to walk to the front to get away from the strollers. We stopped and started talking and I turned around and the Indian that ran last year was standing by us. He was nice enough to let us snap a picture with him. I think that they are all ready to be enlisted for this race again next year. Morgan may even come all the way from Oklahoma.

Here are all the runners, there were over 3,600 runners. Bigger than last year. The best thing is all the proceeds go to the Utah Food Bank. We love the tradition and plan on continuing this for as long as we can. We had a fabulous Thanksgiving and we are soo Thankful for all the blessings that we take for grant each day. We know that we are truly blessed. We hope the you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving too.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Valley Of Fire...Girls just having fun!

This weekend was one wild and crazy weekend. Austin and I ran the Valley of Fire 10k last year for the first time and decided to run it again. This year I knew going into it what I was up against.....hills....hills .... and more HILLS! What was I thinking???
Here we are at the start of the race,,, all smiles. Bring it on!
Going up one of the many hills. I lost count of how many hills we went up and down. I just know that they changed the route and added a few more hills. Perfect, I was running on a bad knee, and hills love bad knees!
I walked up a couple of the hills so I snapped a few pictures while I was walking. I don't run this race for the time, but for the scenery. I am never disappointed!
We did it! Me and Austin after the race. Austin took first in her age division, I took first in my age division and Austin's friend took first place overall in the womens. We crazy people stick together!
My very own cheering section. Both of my girls came with me to the race. That meant getting up at 5 AM and driving for 2-hours, then hanging out for around 3-hours. They are the best cheerleaders ever! Love you girls!
Sisters! Good thing they like each other soo much. And this is the reason they really hung out with me...........
After the race we drove back to St. George and went to "New Moon". Ahh....Team Jacob is alive and well. We loved the movie and are planning to see it again this week when Courtney comes up for Thanksgiving. Give us a jingle if you want to tag-along.
The end of our perfect "Girls Day" was dinner at "In and Out" in St. George. Kandace hadn't been there, and the one in Draper opened last week and the line is still crazy, so we stopped in for a burger. Kandace has her own theory why it is called "In and Out", you'll have to ask her. This was the best weekend we have had for awhile. It was much needed. We are now looking forward to Thanksgiving and family visiting. Hope you all have had a great weekend too!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened When I Went to Vote...

Okay, so today I actually remembered to go vote. I meant to do it on my way home from work but forgot. So Kandace and I had to run an errand and I told her I needed to stop and vote on the way home. I ran in to cast my all important vote which took all of 5 seconds. As I was leaving a lady said "Hey, I just saw you in the Utah Food Bank Newsletter". I gave her a strange look and said what are you talking about. she said, "Look, I just finished looking at it". She gave me her Utah Food Bank Newsletter, I opened it up and there we were, The Utah Food Bank Poster Family for the Thanksgiving Human Race. How funny is that? I have ran this race for the last 4-years. We give a donation, and half goes to the Utah Food Bank and half goes to the LDS Humanitarian fund. We love this Thanksgiving tradition. Last year there were 2,000 walker/runners so I had all of us wear our elf hats so we could find each other. How funny that someone took a random shot while we were taking our own picture. So the lesson of the week is...Sign-Up and run the "Human 5K Race" with us Thanksgiving morning at 8 am. We would love to have you in our picture this year!!! We'll be watching for you!