Sunday, August 30, 2009

We Love to see the Temples

Cameron took out his endowments about a month ago, and we have been able to visit five temples so far. Friday we flew to Califorina for the day and went to the San Deigo Temple, one of my very favorites! (Jake, we yelled "Hi" as be passed by Carlsbad!) Grandma Haupt sent us some family names to do and we spent the day working on the names. Cameron's one arm shot, not too bad. He got us and the temple pretty good.
Cameron got to see first hand why the San Deigo temple is one of my favorites because of the beauty inside and out. After going to Germany, it reminded me of some of the beautiful castles we visited. Can I just say "WOW". It was such a fun amazing day.
Another of Cameron's one arm shots, he did great at getting the whole temple behind us.
We had only a couple of hours before our flight when we got done at the temple, I really wanted to go to the beach for a few hours. Unfortunaley, we got stuck in traffic and decided to get off the freeway and head to the beach. On our way, we passed a "Cold Stone" and grabbed an ice cream to take to the beach. What could be better, ice cream and a beach. Because we didn't have much time we were only able to stick our feet in the ocean then we had to head for the airport.
This California girl was glad to feel the sand between her toes and smell the salt air. A perfect way to end our day in California. We are so blessed and I love my job! Thanks for the fun day Cam.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Friday, August 7, 2009 Cameron turned 19. Holy cow, how did that happen? Made me stop and realize just how fast time really does fly. He had a great day hanging out with me, going to the Salt Lake Temple, lunch then a party with his friends. What a great young man he has turned into. I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday. I had started labor pains in the morning, and being baby number four, I wasn't in a hurry to go hang out at the hospital for hours. I had a Dr. appointment at 1 PM and when I went the Dr. freaked out and told me I was dilated to an 8 and he was going to call an ambulance. I refused, because we had no insurance and the hospital was across the street. Cameron Wesley Leavit was born 14-minutes after I walked into the hospital. The easiest recovery of all. He was and still is our " Easy Go Happy" attitude kid. Here is a quick trip down memory lane.

This is Cameron's 5th Birthday. A pool party with his friends. He loves the water. When we put our pool in he was only 2 1/2 so I took him to swimming lessons, they called it water adjustment class since they wouldn't teach 2-year olds to swim. After the first class he pointed to the high dive and wanted to go on it. I said "No", but his teacher said if he really wanted to he would be there to catch him. So off Cameron went to the high dive, jumped and swam to his teacher. We bagged the class, he was a natural swimmer. Cameron watched the summer Olympics one year and decided he was going to be a diver and win lots of medals when he grew up. He lived in the pool and practiced diving everyday. He still hasn't gotten over us leaving Las Vegas and his pool. He really misses playing in his pool everyday. He is certified in Scuba diving, that is about as close as he has gotten to being a professional diver.

At six Cameron got his "Yellow Belt" in Taekwondo. He had to compete one time to get his belt. When he got in the ring for the match, he just protected his face and wouldn't fight. His coach pulled him to the side and told him what to do and Cameron would not hit the other kid. He didn't want to hurt anyone. Yes, he is just a big Teddy Bear. Third grade Cameron was chosen to be "Principle for the Day". He took his dog Kallie to school that day. He loved his reign as Principle, being the offical "Lunch Taster" was the highlight of the day. We had to put his best friend down in December, he had his dog since he was five.
Cameron loves to perform. Such a handsome guy too. He took singing an dancing for several years and always stole the show. He still sings and dances, something that I love him to do. I have always told him that guys that can sing will melt a girls heart. Keep on singing Cam! Cameron was baptized at the Salt Lake Tabernacle, the last of our four children to be baptized there. He was so excited to be baptized. And now he is getting ready to go out and preach, and baptize on his own. Time has just flown by!
Cameron's Top 19 things we love about him List:
19. All his ties, great variety.
18. New Haircut.
17.Plays games with us on Sunday.
16.Throws great parties.
15. Makes us laugh!
14. Great Listener
13. Gets awesome grades.
12. Make funny short films.
11. Great running partner, enough though he hates running.
10. Hard worker
9. He's very creative.
8. Happy all the time
7. Has an amazing singing voice
6. Has AWESOME Chef skills.
5. Has great Texting skills and texts us all.
4. Caring, always takes time for others
3. Strong Testimony of the restored gospel.
2.His great smile!
and the #1 is HUGS! He is a great hugger!
Happpy 19th Birthday Cameron!
Us singing to Cameron for his birthday......