Sunday, October 24, 2010

SHOOT...what to do after you drop off your 2nd Missionary at the MTC!

Courtney gave us strict orders to go have fun and be HAPPY after we dropped her off at the MTC. We had planned on going to see a movie, but the day was so beautiful we all wanted to be outside. We thought about going up the canyon and hiking, or a Nice motorcycle ride. No, then Casey suggested going target shooting out in the desert. Sure, why not. So we all headed home, changed then picked up Casey and headed to the desert.
Here is Casey teaching us the SAFETY rules. So glad that he is trained and did a great job teaching us.
Teaching us the right way to hold it and the safety features. Kandace was the first to go. I think she has a new LOVE!
Steve went next. He got better everytime he went. It was actually kinda fun watching everyone find joy in hitting the clay disk.
My turn. Those of you that know me know that I am NOT a big fan of guns. So this was a huge leap of faith for me. I actually was catching on at the end and who knows, I may have to go again.
I love the look on Casey's face as he looks on at his mother shooting. Will wonders never cease?
Yes, Kandace is hooked. Just look at that stance, so serious!
Listening to Casey telling her " the got it!"
Oh and in honor of Courtney, Kandace wore her shoes out to the desert. They loved getting out for a breath of fresh air.
We all took turns, then loaded up and headed out for dinner. Casey didn't tell us about the FLIES in the area, and we had left our doors and windows down, so when we got back in the truck, we had hundreds for FLIES in the truck. It took a couple of days to get rid of them, but they are gone now. Anyway, it was a fun was to relieve some saddness. I hope that Courtney and Cameron will be so proud of us getting out and doing something different!

Friday, October 22, 2010

RUSSIAN around to get ready for a Mission

Holy Moly....I think you will all go into picture overload and be as exhusted as we are after reading this entry. The past couple of weeks have been full of lots of FUN memories. Hope that you all will enjoy all the pictures. These first two pictures are what Courtney gave friends and family that came to her farewell. I know, this second one is "SPECIAL"! She couldn't stop laughing when she made it. Oh, what will we do for giggles and kicks while she is gone?

These are just the pictures we took when we went out to take pictures for her missionary annoucement. I think she had a good time.
Hiding behind an old barrel.
More serious at the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.
Practing her tracking skills in her RUSSIAN hat. We took these pictures on Monday, and on Tuesday we flew out to California to go to the San Diego Temple.
One of my favorite temples. The architecture inside and out are absolutley amazing!
So, since we were soo close to the ocean we had to go to the beach.
Our feet in the ocean. Burrr..the water was cold. But it felt so good.
We walked along the beach for about an hour enjoying the sights and sounds. We saw this really cool guy out "Kite Surfing", it was like a snow board with a kite on it and they would pull the strings and change directions and fly over the waves. So cool. We really had fun RUNNING in the sand to see who had a longer STRIDE. I actually have a longer stride than Courtney. It was so relaxing to be on the beach playing.
On the beach, the wind had alot of fun with my hair.
Friday, JetBlue gave us tickets to a private REAL Soccer practice. Another FUN day!
Me, Steve and Courtney having a great time watching the REAL players on the field. We even could have gotten all their autographs. I gave my goodie bag to Tony, since he LOVES the REAL team.

Just a few days before Courtney left we all decided to go play at the park. Courtney brought her roller blades to skate one last time.
RESTING, it is alot of work to play so much!
Steve making sure Courtney is physically fit. Aggh....
Saturday Courtney wanted to have THANKSGIVING dinner, then right after we had a talent show and played the WHITE ELEPHANT game. Tasha playing the piano for us...heavenly!
Elvis, Lexi's fiancee played the guitar at the talent show. Some 311 tunes, his favorite band. He is pretty good.

Cody, Casey and Courtney seeing who can drink a glass of water fastest. Casey won, and won the award for "Most Likely to Pee the Bed" Yes, you have to be a little crazy to be in our family or one of our friends.
Kandace's talent "My whole family is CHUBBY"....see what I mean by CRAZY :)
Playing the WHITE ELEPHANT game. Elynn made sure Steve had plenty of help openning his gift. Thank goodness someone was there for him.
Austin won a fabulous shirt, should fit her just right for a few more weeks.
Sunday was Courtneys farewell. She did such a great job on her talk. It was on SERVICE and we all learned and have been challenged. She also sang a beautiful song with her room mate Lexi and her friends from OAKCREST surprised me by singing their theme song. It was a fun day too. This is a picture of all the shoes that came over after to eat.
Austin at the "Leavitt" cousin table. It was wonderful to see Aunt Linda and her girls with their kids. Austin and Cody came all the way from Las Vegas to support Courtney.
And the HAUPTS were in full force too. This is Jake, Grandpa Haupt and Casey having a good visit.
Lexi and Elvis.
Pickels and her fiancee. These two couples are getting married a week apart. Love is in the air!
Sneakers, Courtney and Steve . Yum....TACO BAR!
Aubs and Austin. Aunt Austin (the girl) and Aubs are due with their babies one day apart.
We had about 70 people over after church. Courtney was soo HAPPY to see everyone.
So, Tuesday night Courtney got set apart as a missionary. We had everyone over for dinner and then played games until the Stake President came over a 9 PM. I won Jenga at the White Elephant, and everyone had a blast playing.
The crowd holds their breath...whew, Kandace was able to pull out a block and add it to the top successfully. This was their highest tower, 32 layers high. They were getting pretty good at the end.

Wednesday morning Courtney finished packing....that is a whole different story. We were able to leave a couple of hours early so we could go have lunch and pick up a couple of things before we went to the MTC. We went to "Jimmy Johns" for lunch. Courtney was nervous and just wanted a sandwich. She took this picture for Cameron. Remember...we are a little CRAZY! Courtney enjoying the sun and her sandwich. Hugs for everyone after lunch!
Sneaking some SISTER pictures before we get to the MTC.
Oh, Casey wanted to get in on the fun. Dang, I was just up front missing all the FUN!
The whole Family, trying to take our own picture with the MTC behind us.
The special of the day..."Courtney Sandwich"
We had to make the dreaded drive, across the street to drop off Courtney. So here is Casey and Kandace helping Courtney unload her bags. And her bags are HEAVY, 18 months of everything she will need. She will still need to buy a WARM coat in Russia, but, she should have everything. We all grabbed a quick, and I do mean QUICK hug, the Elder's were waiting to take her away. Courtney told us over and over not to CRY. I tried, but I just couldn't help it.
Kandace got the last HUG, and Courtney tells her not to cry! She is so ready to go on a mission. She has a GLOW that will warm up the MTC and Russia. She was in such a hurry to leave she forgot all her paper work in the truck. Luckily I noticed as we were leaving the parking lot and ran it back to her, or at least tried, they wouldn't let me take it to her, even though I could see her. We all know she is happy, and excited to learn and get to Russia and get to work. Thanks for putting up with the CRAZY Leavitts and the picture overload. Wait until you see what we did after we dropped her off. Courtney would be soo proud of us for going and having FUN! I will post her MTC address on her blog, she would LOVE some mail. Her link is here on my blog, Sister Courtney Leavitt.