Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanks We're Giving!

Okay, my kids have told me for years that I am CRAZY, and this year I took them with me to CRAZY!! For the past 6 years on Thanksgiving morning I go and RUN the HUMAN RACE at 8 AM, then come home and get dinner ready. So as tradition, I signed up the whole FAMILY (Aubs and Derek Bridget are family) and we planned on doing the race again. Oh....but as ole Mother Nature would have it, it was a bitter 7 degrees at start time. Aubs texted and said it was just too cold for her and Baby Harley to make it this year. Everyone else didn't have a good excuse, so I loaded up the car and we drove to the race. Here is just a few of the 3,000 other CRAZY people that were there braving the cold that morning. I really thought that we would not see as many people as last year because to the FREEZing temp.
One of our favorite things the last couple of years was watching for the "HOT" Indian and taking our picture with him. Well, I think our "HOT" Indian had his clothes on, and we had to settle for taking our picture with this Indian riding his horse. He only had shorts on, and had bear legs, too cold for me! See what I mean about CRAZY!
Here I am with my cousin Sandy, who has also ran the race with me for the last 5-years. I had put "hotties" in the toes of my shoes to keep them warm, and long story short, I ended up burning my left big toe, and now have a HUGE BLOOD BLISTER from the "Hottie" rubbing and bugging my toes. Yeah, never doing that again!
Here is Kandace and Derek finally getting to the finish line. I was soo proud of Kandace for making it, because the cold her got her coughing from the beginning.
This is another TRADITION, taking a group picture with the TURKEY. We were missing three of our regulars, Cameron, Courtney and Aubs, but should have two of them back next year, and Life Size Bridget will be there for Courtney. We love this tradition, even if I do get alot of grief for making everyone do it, They always ask me if we are signed up, so they must WANT to do it!
So, last night, since we were all together, I asked everyone if we could go downtown and take our FAMILY Christmas Card picture. Yes, it is still COLD, but I have a wonderful family that gave me 1-hour to take the pictures and be done. So much love an support!
Here is Steve and me at the reflection pool. We took our family picture here, but you will have to wait for the card to see that picture.
Casey and Tineke. This is a great picture, maybe they can use it on their facebook.
Kandace and Derek, cute!
More of the beautiful lights on Temple Square.
And the Nativity, it was very COLD, but it was amazing how fast we moved and how much we saw in the hour they gave me.
As we were walking back to the truck, I looked up and saw this wonderous site, and of course had to stop and take a picture.
And we HAD to take a picture in front of the AMAZING tree in the Joseph Smith building. I truly give THANKS for my wonderful family who is willing to run crazy races with me, put up all the Christmas decorations, go Christmas shopping on BLACK FRIDAY, and best of all venture out in the FREEZING cold to take our family Christmas picture. Yeah, I pretty much have the BEST FAMILY EVER! Hope your holidays were great too!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just a little TYPHOON....

These are pictures from Cameron from when the Typhone that hit the Philippines last month. He said that he woke up on Wednesday morning about 4 AM to someone telling him he needed to get out, just as his "Flip Flops" were floating by. The water stain on the door shows how high the water was.
This is the Elders cleaning up after the flood, I guess this is why there is no carpet on the floors. Cameron said that when they were able to return to their apartment the whole house reaked of FISH...yeah, that would need some bleach if you ask me. On top of the fish smell, the power had been turned off, so everything in the fridge was pretty gross too. Where's the scentsy when you need it???
So after looking at these pictures my question to Cameron was what got ruined. Lucky for him only his backpack and shoes were soaked, but he said his shoes "Stunk" so bad, he put them in the sun for a few days, then they were okay. Good thing he has good sandals to wear, just in case. The funny thing about this, is that just a week earlier he was kinda complaining about no Hurricane hitting, he wanted to have the experience. So, I gusess you could say "He asked for it". Be careful what you ask for Cam, we want you to come back in one piece to us!Elder Leavit has had four companions in the last 6-weeks. This is his tempory companion, Elder Dasargo. He was waiting for his mission call, so he was only Camerons companion for about a week.
These are two more of Elder Leavitt's temporary companions. Cameron is looking pretty good, must be the FISH and Rice diet! He wrote last week and said that he will not be transfered this time, and will be in this area for Christmas. So, he has been in this area for 9-months now. I told him he must have something he needs to learn or do before he can be transfered. We are counting the days until CHRISTMAS, when he will be able to call. We love hearing his voice and learning all about life in the Philippines. Thanks Elder Leavitt for sharing these pictures. And thanks to all of you for remembering him during the Holidays!