Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas 2011

We LOVE Christmas at our house! I start the season by putting up a tree in every room in the house. On the night after Thanksgiving, we flip the switch on the lights to the trees and the outside lights. Yes...I do get alot of grumbling from my family about the insane amount of decorations I have, and about all the work it takes to to decorate the house. But I think deep down inside they love it as much as I do. Whenever they have friends over, they have to show off the trees and have them count how many trees we have. I do LOVE having a tree in every room because the lights warm my heart as it bring the "Light of Christ" to every room. For over one month of every year our home radiates the "LIGHT" and I look forward to when I can set everything up again.

Christmas Eve we have "Prime Rib" and I love it because the BOYS pretty much do all the cooking, and I am soo ok with that!
Cameron had to have a picture of his "Plated" master piece. We were surprised how good his potatoe creation was with his yummy gravy. He just made it up as he cooked, we missed his cooking the last two years.

Here is the hand carved Nativity that Cameron brought to me from the Philippines.
Another thing I collect is Nativities. So when ever I go to another country I bring one home. I love having all the nativities up too!

The kids love our family tradition of getting Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve. This year Steve and I even go some. Don't we look so Christmas Cheery!

So at our family Christmas party, Cameron got a "Room a Rang" it is a really light soft boomarang thing that he loves throwing around. I happened to have another one for Casey to toss around too. And crazy enough the things kept ending up on our high selves. Good thing Tineke is light enough for them to lift and she can grab the lost "Room a Rang". It was a fun way to spend Christmas Eve in our new Jammies.

Notice the first picture the "Room a Rang" is green and this one is orange. They were getting pretty good at lifting Tineke up to retrieve them.

This year Christmas started at 7 AM with our SKYPE from Russia! Courtney looked great and we loved being able to see her while we chatted. Although we only got to talk for an hour, it was absolutley the most wonderful hour of Christmas.

Cameron go a RED Ryder BB Gun from Kandace...he was so excited!

Cameron and Kandace opening their gifts. Thanks Dad!

Casey and Tineke Christmas morning. Love the bow!

Even Olly loved opening Christmas gifts.

Hum...just adjusting the beautiful bow!

And of course, the boys had to head outside in the freezing cold to practice their shooting skills.

Casey is a pretty good shot! Must be those cute PJ's!

Cameron modeling his new winter hat. So styling! And even more Styling in the Avator glasses!

And now Christmas is over. I finished taking down the last tree yesterday. We had a wonderful Christmas and feel so blessed that we had family so close to share it with. Next Christmas everyone will be home, and we are looking forward to that. We hope that your Christmas was as wonderful and special as ours. Merry Christmas!