Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ahh...Finally SPRING!

I love warm weather. There is something about the green grass, blue sky and colorful flowers that makes me just want to be outside all day long on my days off. Here are a few pictures of what our yard looks like in spring. The first picture was taken through a tree up the driveway looking over the front yard.And this is where I park myself everyday after work to listen to the water of the fountain and look over the beautiful yard, and valley that I can see from my front porch. I got my first rocking chair a few years ago for mother's day. We now have four rockers, and we fill them just about every Sunday when we sit out in the warm sun and just relax. This is a view of the front yard. All my tulip and daffodil bulbs that I planted last fall are in full bloom. Makes it worth going through the yucky winter to have such a beautiful spring day. A closer look of the Daffodils and tulips.

Here is a view in the back yard. It took Steve a couple of years to construct the waterfall. We enjoy BBQing and playing croquet in the backyard in the summer. Last week I went on a walk with some of my friends from work and saw this gorgeous tree with dark bark and deep maroon flowers and wished I knew what it was so we could plant one in our yard, This week I looked out back and saw that we do have one of those trees. It is small now and I didn't recognize it. It will be soo beautiful in a few years when it is bigger. We actually have two of these out back.
I love the sound of running water, and Steve has gone over the top to make sure we have plenty of running water to listen to. I guess this is the "California Girl" in me. I can't get enough of the sun and water. Hope you all are out enjoying the beautiful weather before it gets too hot.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Vegas Girl Trip

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we took lots of pictures on our "Vegas Girl Trip". Kandace and I flew to Vegas for the day last Friday to have our hair done by my cute niece Ashley. We filled our day with lots of fun. Cheryl picked us up at the airport and took us to the Bellagio to see the spring gardens. They were amazing! Cheryl, Kandace and me in front of the Paris. Starting our FUN for the day.
Here is Kandace and me in front of the Bellagio. Loved the sunny warm day, it was a nice 77 degrees, something we hadn't enjoyed since last fall.
The Poppies in the garden.
A snail made from roses and different flowers. Soo cool.

Cheryl, Kandace and me, notice the water arches over our heads. They were real, we couldn't figure out how it worked, but people were getting all wet checking the water out.
There was a cool green house full of colorful butterflies, this one stopped to pose for us.
Quinn shows off his Daddy's new police hat. Meme Cheryl is proud of her cute and very smart grandson.
Me, Kandace, Ashley and Cheryl at Ashley's salon.
Ashely spent over 3 1/2 hours doing three heads of hair. She is my "Hair Whisperer" I think we wore her out. Thanks Ash, you are amazing!

Kandace and me at the end of the day at the airport. We had too much fun and the time went way too fast. We decided next time we will stay longer and catch a show with Cheryl. Thanks for the fun day Cheryl and Ashely, Love ya!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hiking and The Wizard of Oz

To celebrate out last weekend in Cedar City we decided to have a day full of fun!! We started by hiking in Red Cliffs we hiked all the trails, don't get too shocked because there are only three, we ended by going up this trail that leads to a bunch of water falls and natural pools that you can play in. We took a picnic with us and found a cool hide out to eat in.
After hiking we came home and got showered and went out to dinner and Chili's. When we were finished with dinner we still had an hour until the play started so we played clue and made ice cream cones.
After finishing our game of clue we went to see the Wizard of Oz that was being put on by the SUU theatre department this picture is of Bridget and Lexi on the Yellow Brick Road. It was a fantastic day!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stuck in a SNOWGLOBE???

Today I looked outside and couldn't believe my eyes, yes, it is April 15th, but it's SNOWING! It looked like we were in a snowglobe. What's with that? How am I suppose to go out and run when it's snowing??? I guess I will never be ready for my first half marathon in September, we'll probably still be getting snow in July.

Hope you are having better luck with warm weather wherever you may be.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spring Break

Spring is finally in the air. The kids are out of school for spring break, My flowers are finally in bloom and the birds are chirping out the window each morning. We were lucky enough to even sneak in a hike while the rain subsided. Here is Thomas on our hike up Bells Canyon. It is a steep climb but short. We didn't even need a jacket it was so warm on Friday. We didn't have time to leave town since most of us had to work, so we improvised and pretended like we were on a trip and having a great time. After the hike, we went shopping for EBS (Thats code for Easter Bunny Stuff), the boys picked out their new Easter ties. Courtney and I just got stuff for the baskets.
Saturday Cameron and Courtney were in charge of coloring the Easter eggs. Courtney had the great idea of making every egg look like someone in the family or someone famous. This is Cameron's egg of our dog Kallie. I'm sure you could tell that yourself.

Hunting Easter Eggs. Even though our youngest child is 18 years old, they still want the Easter Bunny to hide eggs so that they can find them Easter Morning. This is Cameron as he just found "Colby" the egg.
"Courtney" The egg, hiding in a daffodill.

This is "Kandace" the egg, hiding between a rock and a hard place.

Every year as far as the kids can remember we make a "Easter Bunny" cake. Cameron and Courtney love this tradition. Something I started when they were little, and I almost forgot about making it this year until Courtney asked when I was going to make my "Bunny" cake. We've had a fun spring break together, and dinner was soo good. Steve made filet mignon, we had deviled eggs, sliced fruit, spanish chicken salad and orange rolls. Good thing I start the Health Challange tomorrow. Hope your Easter was as wonderful as ours.