Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tis the Season.....let the Festivities begin!

Okay, so my family thinks I am a little over the top at this time of year. What can I say, I love Christmas! This year I had my trees (we have 10 trees) up before I ran my race in November, knowing that I had a full calendar of events in December to be ready for. I had the privilege of helping to decorate the JetBlue "New York...New York" themed tree for the Festival of Trees,
Here is our tree that we decorated and all my friends from JetBlue. Left to Right is Margot Miller, Melanie Nebeker, Me, Brentz Brandt, and Karen Western. It took us about 7 hours, but....
Look at the detail. If you have ever been to New York, you would recognize everything on the tree, including pizza, chinese take out box, and taxi cabs. I went back to the festival on Friday and loved seeing people just taking their time to look at everything on the tree.
This is another great tree at festival of trees...The Grinch! Too fun.
These next pictures are things that reminded me of Germany. The windmill nativity is what I brought back as a souvenir, mine is not this elaborate though.
This Gingerbread house reminded me of New Swanstien Castle that we visited in Germany. I love going to the festival of trees every year, and really enjoyed being able to help with a tree this year.
Okay, so I host several Christmas parties every year at my home. The first was my team JetBlue party that me and my good friend Betty give every year for the past five years for our teams. We have the tradition of inviting one of our children's choirs to come over each year to sing to the crowd. This year we had the Madrigals, from Taylorsville perform for us. What a treat, I think I want a hippopotamus for Christmas now! This is why we love to have this party, for the great entertainment.
I think the crowd loved the singers! The night was a hit! I have since had my bunco group over for our Christmas party, and this week I will have the JetBlue supervisor party and the Haupt Family party next Sunday. Good thing I have a family that puts up with my crazy December over load of parties. We wish you all could be here and enjoy the fun with us! Happy Holidays, and we hope you are having a great time too!