Sunday, November 23, 2008

Valley of Fire 10k....We were HOT!

Okay, so about a month and a half ago I got a call from Austin and she wanted to know if I wanted to run the "Valley of Fire 10K" with her. I told her I would think about it and let her know. I decided I needed to challenge my self. I started increasing my distance and got shin splints. So I went and got new running shoes, that helped but then ankle started to bug me. But I stuck with it. The last two weeks I was able to run 4 to 7 miles every time I went out running. We did. We didn't train for the killer hills we had to go up and down, but we made it. I took 3rd place in my age division and got an award. I was very surprised! We loved the rock star awards we got for running the race.
Here we are before the race began freezing to death! Lance and Jake, Austins friends from her Las Vegas ward ran the 1/2 Marathon. We might try running that next year.
Courtney came and supported me at the race, she made this great sign,heck we're both Mom's so it worked for me and Austin. We did it Austin! Thanks for getting me motivated to try something new! Even though my thighs are screaming at me today because of the hills, I would do it again.
Thanks Courtney for coming to the race to give me some moral support and then taking me to St. George to see "Twlight". I love these girl weekends we have had the last couple of weeks. Next week we do the "Human Race" 5K on Thanksgiving morning. Ahhh..just a little 5K with no hills, no sweat!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Girl Trip so......WICKED!

Okay, so last summer at my company party I won a 3-night hotel stay in Burbank,Ca. Courtney was with me when I won it and had immediate plans, she said "Mom, you can take me to WICKED for my birthday". Saturday was Courtneys' 20th Birthday, and yes, we went to WICKED in L.A.
Courtney and Mom at WICKED! Courtney was one happy gal!Happy or WICKED Courtney!
We were able to have Aunt Teresa and Nicole meet us for dinner and join us at the play. Thanks guys for taking time from your busy lives come and play with us! It was great to see both of you.
Pinch me Mom, I can't believe we get to go to Ellen! Courtney tried for over a month to get tickets to a taping of the "Ellen" show before we went to California. Our hotel was only down the street from the Warner Bros. Studio, so we were driving down the street and decided since we couldn't get tickets to just stop by and shop at the store. We pulled into the parking garage and noticed a line and a big sign that said "Ellen". The security guard stopped us and I asked if we could try and get standby passes for the show. He said sure, gave us a parking pass and told us were to go. Long story short, we somehow got to go to a taping of "Ellen" and even won a DVD of WALL E, and danced with the "Thunder Down Under"!
Courtney with Elvis on the Hollywood walk of fame!

Courtney and Mom with our friend MICKEY!

Courtney at Chiness Groman Theather and Arnold Schwarzengger hand prints. Later we went and got a pedicure for only $12.00. We shopped the L.A. Garment District and found a shoe store going out of business. It was the best GIRLS TRIP ever! Who wants to join us next year?????

Monday, November 10, 2008

Courtney's Halloween

My Mom said that I should write something about what I'm doing and post it, so here I go. This year for Halloween my friends and I dressed up and well we didn't do much. We made pizza and watched scary movies and well that's about it.
This is Bridget. She didn't feel like dressing up, so we just made her hair stick up. Amazingly it didn't take very long. Well I hope this makes you proud mom!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Super Heroes Save Halloween!

This week we had a couple of "Super Heroes" save us on Halloween. We lost our dryer(after 6 faithful years) and had to replace it. While we were replacing, Steve decided to replace the old, refridgerator too. We called on our "Super Heroes" to use their big strong muscles and move the old out, and the new in. They did a fabulous job! Thomas even hung my Christmas lights up outside, something no one else has done in the past 6-years. We are thankful to have such handsome, strong, helpful "Super Heroes" living amongst us!
Cameron flies off to his next "Super Hero mission" , he was sure there was a damsel in distress!