Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Day at the Beach, Happy 26th Anniversay!

Wednesday September 16th we celebrated our 26th Wedding Anniversary. Steve surprised me with a trip to Sunny San Diego, CA. I LOVE THE BEACH! We got there at 11:00 AM and Steve had arranged for bike rentals to ride bikes on the beach. It was such a perfect day. We rode around for about 3 hours, a nice couple that noticed me trying to take our own picture and snapped this shot for us.This is a "Bird of Paridise" One of my favorite tropical flowers. I made Steve stop so I could get a picture. These were all ove the place, I wish they could grow in Utah. After our bike ride we grabbed a quick sandwich then went and checked into our hotel. Then we drove all over San Diego. We went to the Gaslamp District, basically shopping. We drove past the huge battle ship MIDWAY, then we head over to La Jolla. The beach in La Jolla.Waves crashing in at a beach in La Jolla. Steve really wanted to get back to our hotel to see the sunset from our balcony. We had such a nice room at the Hyatt. Our room overlooked the pool and the bay.
Steve enjoying looking out at the bay. Very relaxing.

This is the sunsetting on the bay from outside of our balcony. It was awesome. We had dinner at a great seafood resturant, so yummy I couldn't eat it all and brought my dessert home. The next morning I ran 6-miles on the beach, the sand is harder to run in than the trail I run all the time. I came back and had my dessert for breakfast. We only had a few hours before we had to fly home, so we grabbed a few souveniors then drove the coast until we had to leave. It was a great get-away. I have the best husband ever! Thanks Honey! Happy 26th Anniversary!

Monday, September 7, 2009

I'm an addict....YIKES!

Okay, they say that admiting it is 90% of conquering any addiction. I just never knew I would be addicted to running. How crazy is that. I ran my first 5K in Huntsville, UT 3 years ago on a challenge from my cousin Sandy. Three years later, here I am training for my first 1/2 marathon, who saw that coming? I know that most 29 year olds can take this intense training schedule, but it's killing this 29 year old...hee...hee. Soo for Labor Day weekend I signed up for two 5K's. I figure I'd be running for training anyway, why not have fun with others.
Bright and early (I'm sure you can tell by Cameron's bloodshot eyes) Saturday I ran my first 5K for the weekend. My favorite run in the fall, the Huntsville 5K. Cameron was a good sport when I woke him up at 6AM to see if he would go with me and be my support team(Kandace was suppose to be my support but was too sleepy to go). Someone better sign-up to run this with me next year, Cameron has another commitment for the next two years. And I don't like to run alone.
Yahoo, I took 3rd place in my age division. I was running against some way serious runners. The first place finisher ran her mile in under 8 minutes. What is that about, I am happy with my 10-minute mile. I'll just keep up my slow, but study pace, that is what works for me.
As we were leaving Huntsville I saw this "Flower Bed" and had to stop and take a picture. Huntsville is such a quaint little town. We usually stop in at the Monastery and buy some "Holy Honey" but we didn't take the time this year. Steve and I will have to take a bike ride up some time and get our supply of "Holy Honey".

This morning I ran my second 5K for the weekend. "Onion Days" 5K in Payson. I ran this for the first time last year with my cute cousin Sandy. She is the one that challenged me to my first 5K. Last year we ran a race every month together. We both did a great job, not bad for a couple of crazy 29 year olds. Next race is my 1/2 marathon on September 26th. If I survive I'll let you know how I did. I don't have any other races until November after that, I may have to hang up this addiction and go back to doing 5K's with my favorite cousin.