Sunday, August 21, 2011

GUR..The Great Urban Race!

Okay, in January I got this email from Active.c0m about the Great Urban Race. I was so excited and sent it out to everyone hoping to find some people as crazy as me to do this race. The information on the race sounded alot like "Amazing Race" which as a family we watch faithfully. So in March I offically signed up our team "Girlz havin FUN". My cousin Sandy, Kandace Bridget and I were all set to do the race in August. In June I remembered that we needed to have a team costume, so Bridget and I set out shopping and came up with our "PINK shirts and Tutu's" the plaid socks and poka dot bandana's were added for fun. So last Saturday the BIG day was here. Here we are at the starting line to ready to start the race. We were given an envelope with 12 different task and clues and had up to five hours to complete the task. We had our "Phone a friends" on call if we needed them. We started reading all the task, and after we had a couple figured out, we decided we better start moving and figure out the other clues as we walked. Can I just say "Thank You" for SMART phones, it really saved the day for us!
This is our first task completed. Take a picture of a street sign with double letters. "Jane likes coffee but she doesn't like tea..she likes pools but she doen't like to swim,....

We found a street sign with three double letters, we should have gotten extra points don't you think? Next we had to go to a rare book store and figure out more clues, I forgot to take pictures there, but then we were off to the "One World Cafe"

This is a cafe for the people with little money, they pay what they can afford. We all had to peel potatoes to be signed off on this task. It was soo HOT! We were so glad to have this task done. We had to play picture Tic Tac Toe, and take a picture with two strangers to make "YMCA" These boys were up from Provo and thought we were hilarious and stopped and ask if they could take a picture with us, so we asked them to help us in a couple of pictures of our own.

"YMCA" They were good enough to help us twice, since we all had to be in the picture.

As we were walking to our next task we noticed a fountain, another Tic Tac Toe picture we had to have of us trying to dive in a fountain....I think they were thinking a bigger fountain downtown, but's a fountain and it worked!

Next we had to go to "Wasatch Touring" and pump up bike tires. So here we are "PUMPING", check, another task done.

Okay, next we had to go to Luna Berry Yogurt and drink carrot juice to make a mustache, then take a picture. Here is Kandace's mustache and....

Here is mine. I was laughing so hard doing this that I spilt carrot juice down the front of me..oh well.

It was such a HOT was 98 degrees, and the race started at noon, so we were pretty much running around in the heat of the day. We did have water with us, but running around made it hotter.

Another guy at the TRAX station wanted to take our picture, we got honks and yelling from all kinds of strangers. It was soo much fun! Our next task we had to go to "Planet Fitness" and do jumping jacks, lunges and sit-ups to complete the task. We only had three more task after that to complete...we were doing great!

Our next task was to take a picture in front of this clock at exactly 2:15. Notice, there is another team behind Kandace and Bridget taking their picture too.

Sandy and I taking our picture, there were about 10-12 teams here at the same time, since you had to take a picture only on the 15 minute mark, we were excited to see we were doing soo good in the race.

Next we had to take a picture in front of this sign, and then we were on to our final task....and the craziest!

Our last task was to go to "Good Times" tattoo and get "Inked" Sandy was a little concerned about where this was going???

And here she is completing our final task. It was soo funny. Kandace also got to have an "INK" of GUR on her arm. We ran back to the starting point, and we all were soo excited that we finished the race in 2 1/2 hours with no penalties. The first 25 teams to complete the race would qualify to compete in the championship finals in New Orleans in October. The race staff told us we were close and should stick around to see if we would make it. So we went and got some cold lemonade, and a bite of lunch, then came back to see how we finished.

To our surprise we placed 20th and 21st and recieved beautiful medals. Sandy had me laughing so hard as we showed off our medals..or "Our Major Award" as she was saying.

Bridget and Kandace and their Major Awards. All in all, even though it was like the hottest day ever, it was a BLAST and we would totally do it again. Hopefully I can have Cameron and Courtney join us next time, they would have Loved it too!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our TWO Missionaries!

We have been Doubly blesssed this past year to have not One but TWO Missionaries out in the field. Cameron only has two months left until he will return home, and Courtney will be out one year in October. It has been crazy, yet wonderful to have them able to serve missions this past year. I am such a slacker on blogging this summer, so I thought I would share some of their recent pictures they have sent home.

Here is Elder Leavitt and his recent baptism, it fell just one day before his birthday and that was the best gift he recieved this year,

Here is Sister Leavitt with her past companions. They were able to make COOKIES a few months ago, she was so excited to be able to make them, even though they tasted different from the ones she makes at home.

Sister Leavitt and companions enjoying the BBQ on the beach. She said that she loved that the men did all the cooking. The Main meat is called Shashilk.

Here she is near one of the many mouments in Volgograd. There are alot of mouments here because there was a huge battle here, and the Russian's are very proud of it.

Sister Leavitt and Aneka, the little girl in her branch that Courtney helped name Kandace's new puppy after (Ollyonka). Courtney loves little kids and they love her too!

Elder Leavitt celebrated his 21st Birthday on August 7th, and the people in the branch threw a feast for him. He said that now his stomach is smaller, he couldn't eat as much, but it was a delicious meal.

Yum...Yum...One of the members sent home a plate of deep fried cock roaches for Cameron to eat. He said it wasn't that bad and tasted alot like shrimp, only crunchy. Oh the fun he is having trying different foods.

Here he is just being silly. Striking a pose for mom. Isn't he soo handsome???

This is a Russian sunset. Cameron sent us a picture that looks almost the same from the Philippines. Such beauty all over the world.

Sister Leavitt and her new Russia companion Sister Undozyoriva. She loves her new companion.

Courtney's new companion goofing off.....I am sure Courtney taught her this trick!

And this is Sister Leavitt and all the missionaries in her district at her last meeting. Our missionaries are doing great, and LOVE the people they are serving. It is a joy to hear from them on "Missionary Monday" and learn of the many things they have done each week. We are soo proud of our Missionaries, and know that we are blessed because of the hard work they are doing.