Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cameron got his Mission Call

Okay, so last night we got a call around 10 pm from one of the Stake Presidency to see if we had any exciting news to share. Ah, no, unles he was talking about the two gophers we caught, bringing the gopher total to 10. So he let us know that we might have some today. Sure enough, today when we got the mail, there was Cameron's Mission call.Here is Cameron getting the mail.Doesn't he look a little scared and excited???
Cameron thinking about where he will be going?????? We all met at 7 PM for the offical envelope opening. Watch the video below to find out where Cameron will be going! No one had guessed, so it was a surprise for all of us.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Running with Angels and Casey's B-Day

This is my very favorite race to do every year. Running with Angels, we get to run in the gardens at Thanksgiving Point. Although running up and down the hills is not my favorite thing to do, running in the gardens and seeing all the beautiful flowers is the best thing ever. Kandace was the lucky one to run with me this year. She did great, even without too much training.

Okay, so she didn't really run too much, but she can walk pretty fast. I finished and came back to find her. Can you see why this is my favorite race? Just look at the scenery. I love going back into the gardens and looking at everything in slow motion.

Right after I took Kandace's picture I turned around to see this cute family ready to cross the path.
Then just ahead there was this little family, but they are bronze, I just thought it was funny. Kinda hard to tell which family is real.
Kandace and me at the finish line. This was just the starting of a very busy outside day. I went home and washed my car then spent the day outside in the yard, weeding, planting and prunning. I don't think we will ever have a yard a beautiful as the Gardens at Thanksgiving Point, but I am sure trying!

Casey's birthday was on Thursday, May 14th. We had him over on Sunday for his birthday dinner and our family's traditional "Ice Cream Cake". Thomas has really enjoyed this ice cream cake tradition and wanted to know how to make it so he can try it in Germany.

Casey is the big "24" now. Dang, he is almost as old as me. Maybe next year I will have him run with me so he can stay as young as me when he grows up. Happy Birthday Casey!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Race for the our Angel Jenn Jewkes

Many of you know that Monday my good friend Jenn Jewkes lost her 6 year battle with Cancer. Her funeral was on Friday. It was a wonderful funeral that celebrated her life and her wonderful family. Our ward had helped her to organize a team for Race 4 the Cure, we were "Jenn's Angels". This was the name she picked a few months ago when she got her team going. She was our angel as we joined together in her memory to walk the race.
This is Jenn last year. Her shirt is the name of her blog that she updated us on her latest news on her condition. I loved her amazing spirit as she bravley battled daily with cancer. She woke up each day, thankful that she was here another day. She was my vistiting teacher, and last month she called me and said " I feel good today, we want to visit you, do you want to garden, plant flowers, go for a walk or just sit and visit. I love to walk, and so does she. She took me on a walk down to the trail, then up some hills. We had a great walk, but a better visit. She taught me that no matter what our battles are to never give up, just keep working hard. The week after our walk, her liver started to enlarge and her condition didn't look good. She has touched my life in so many ways, I am soo lucky that she was my friend and such a caring Visiting Teacher. We met at our Relief Society Presidents house before the race. This is a big chunk of "Jenn's Angels" ready for the race.
This is Jenn's son Joe getting his bandana that says "Jenn's Angels" on his head. She was there with him every step of the race.

We all had a picture of Jenn on our back, as we walked in her memory and joined thousands of others in the walk.
This is a picture of the road to the "Gateway" mall. As far as you can see is a sea of "Race 4 the Cure" walkers. We set a record of over 18,000 walkers yesterday.
"Sista's" walking together. The weather was beautiful, and we all had a great time. These boys had pink panties on, they were having a great time for their team. I just thought they were good sports to join in the walk and be so enthusiastic.
We had a great day, and plan to make the race a ward tradition. I am soo glad I got to be there and be part of the cause. I was able to meet up with my sister Vicki, who is still in radiation and was too weak to walk the whole race. She was very touched by our team and the whole spirit of the day.