Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Appliances....How many Leavitts Does It Take....

Okay, so two weeks ago I was home alone and decided to bake some cookies for my nephew on a mission. Those that know me, know I don't bake alot anymore, I leave the baking to Courtney. So I mixed the cookies, and turned on the oven, went out of the kitchen and heard a "POPPING" noise. I came into the kitchen and looked in the oven and saw what looked like 4th of July sparklers shooting out of the top of my oven. The top element was on fire. So, long story short, we got all new appliances on Saturday. Little did we know what a project it would be to switch out the OLD and install the NEW. This is attempt #1 of installing the new OVEN. Steve was smart enough to bring in his big car jack to put the oven on to lift it into place. Should just pop it in, no problem right..... WRONG! It took us countless times to get the oven to FIT, not to mention all the adjustments to the back wall. Attempt #4...I think we lost count how many times we had to pull this oven out . We took a lunch break after this....The crew was getting hungry!
Notice that each attempt has a new operator of the JACK. It was actually getting a little bit funny to hear Steve tell us that the fit wasn't good enough, and pull it out again. This definitely was a FAMILY affair! Our couple of hours Saturday project turned into a 6-hour ordeal, but the outcome was worth it! Here is our mini-kitchen MakeOver!
Everything has been switched out to Stainless Steel. Steve has been wanting this since we built the house.

We love the new appliances, but now Steve is threating to pull out the floor.....RUN Leavitts....RUN!
P.S. Jake, I will get you some cookies made and mail them this week.....the crew ate the ones I made and put in the freezer...they found them on the Fridge switch.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Michale Buble...I have the best Husband ever!!!

Okay, so for Christmas my wonderful husband totally surprised me with tickets to see
"Michael Buble" in March. I just mentioned that I had checked on tickets and they were too expensive. So needless to say, I was totally surprised by the tickets. I was one "Happy" Gal!
Yep, the concert got here way too fast, and went by even faster. You should be able to tell by my crazy "Non-Stop" smile how excited I was!
My wonderful husband not only got me tickets, but sat through the concert with me, I did have several friend offer to take his place if he became too ill to attend. Did I mention how amazing my man is?
This is the group that started the concert. "Naturally 7" They were absolutly amazing. They not only sang in accapella, but used their voices for the percussion, Drums, guitar, bass, microphone, ect. They reminded me alot of what Cameron and his accapella buddies could do. They will all have to get back together after their missions and see if they can pull this off.
Finally, the moment I had waited months to hear "Cry me a River", the first song of the night.....screaming of girls...."I love you Michael"......Steve was thinking about making an early exit.
Michael braved the crowd and came out and stood on a platform right by where we were sitting. He sang my all time favorite, right there in front of me..."HOME" The crowd went crazy, screaming girls everywhere swormed in. I kinda felt sorry for him being boxed in by all the crazy fans. Luckily his body guard helped clear a path to get back on stage.
"Crazy Love" and "Just Haven't Met you Yet", oh man, was this just a dream? Heck no, it was just a little bit of heaven for me.
"Everything ", ahhh. this was eveyrthing I could every dream of. I could have sat there all night and listened to every song he has ever sang. Sadly for him, this was only stop nine of his 309 city tour for the year. Poor Guy will be exhusted by the end of the year.
Good thing MIchael came back to give us an Enocore and release the confetti on the crowd. The crowd went crazy again as he sang "Me and Mrs. Jones" He was such a down to earth guy. He acknowledged that he knew the tickets were expensive and that there are tough economic times, and many had to save to be there. Nice to know that he appreciates us little guys out there. Okay, so this is how wonderful my hubby is, he even bought me this cute shirt to remember the night. I just had to share. Thanks Steve for a fun night I will never forget!
Okay, I have the best hubby ever!
Enjoy my clips of the concert!