Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Prom 2...Cameron's Camera

So Cameron looked at the blog and said "Mom, I have better pictures" so that was my clue that he wanted his pictures on the blog. So here are his pictures.This is Cameron performing his first task. Buying hot chocolate and paying for it in pennies. He was one of the first to complete this task, some of the other couples after him weren't soo lucky. The owners at Starbucks started turning them away, they didn't want anymore pennies.Cameron on the elevator proudly shopping with his purse. Morgan in the dressing room in her "Goth" outfit.
So Cameron and his date made it to the finals. It came down to a game of "Air Hockey". He lost, but sure had alot of fun.Cameron and Eric on TRAX. They got a little bored and started writing on their pants. Cameron's says "Erik + Cam= BUDS"So at the dance, three of the boys in Cameron's group had the same flashy shoes. Cameron had to take a picture of it.
A better picture of Cameron and Morgan.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Prom....The last for the Leavitt's

Yesterday was Cameron's Prom. He was in a group of 24 kids. They had a full day planned and it all started with an 8AM breakfast at our house. This is a picture of the group with full tummies before they set out for the day. They left after breakfast to ride TRAX downtown and play the ""Awkward Situation" Game. Each couple was given a cute purse, which the boys had to carry the whole time. The purses each held 12 different "Awkward Situations" The couples had to decide which situation would give them the most points in the 1-hour time fame to move on to the next round. Only 5 of the 12 couples would move on. The winning couple would get their dinner paid for by the other couples. Cameron made it into the finals, and came in second. They had a great time playing.

Here Dash is handing out the purses to the guys. Johnny is too excited to see his purse. Cameron and Morgan with their purse. Ready to rumble!
Thomas and Megan with their cute animal purse. Can you see how excited Thomas is! Thomas performing one of the "Awkward Situations" Hum....this is his "GOTH" look.Getting ready for PROM is all about the shoes. Cameron has a thing about shoes and the flashier the better.Cameron and his date Morgan at the resturant.

Thomas and his date Megan.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Draper Temple Cornerstone Ceremony

Our Draper TempleFriday we were able to attend the Draper Temple Cornerstone Ceremony. Cameron was in the Youth Choir that consisted of 200 youth from all over the valley. He practiced every Sunday night since January to be able to perform. They brought tears to my eyes, they sang so good. President Monson even complimented how well they performed.Here is President Henry B. Eyring and his wife entering the temple for the dedication.
Here's Cameron in the choir. Courtney had to climb up on a planter to get these great shots.

President Monson inviting people to come up and put mortar in the cornerstone. He was so funny. He was telling people not to worry about the mess, that they would take all this out and the professionals would make it look nice.
Karen, Cameron and Courtney after the cornerstone ceremony. We had such and amazing experience. I'm soo glad we were all able to help so much with all the openhouses and dedications. It was truely a once in a lifetime experience. We are blessed to have such a beautiful new temple. We are excited to start doing temple work in our new Draper Temple.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This week at the Leavitt's

Cameron had his "Showcase" concert on Tuesday. The Choir sang all the songs they will sing on Tour. Cameron and a group of 6 boys got to sing "Breakfast at Tiffanies" The girls went crazy over the song. Can you see Cameron in this choir picture? He's on the last row, second boy on the left. It was a great concert, one of his last ones. He picked up his Graduation Announcments on Wednesday, YIKES, where did the time go???
Saturday was 3/14 or National "Pie" Day. Sorry, I skipped algebra and had no idea there was such a day. Grandma Haupt had just sent us lemons from Arizona, so I made Lemon Meringue Pie, can you say "Yum O" it had the pucker power in every bite. Love National Pie day!Lastly, Courtney picked up a kite on Saturday. It was a beautiful windy day, and her Barbie Kite took off on it's own. The string broke and it flew over the house and landed in the back yard.She retrieved it and She waited for Cameron to get home from work so he could fly her kite too. Here is her kite flying high......and...... Here she is, yes in a lazyboy, watching Cameron fly her kite. They had a great time. Cheap thrills. The lazyboy, we had sat out to donate to "Friends of MS", but they never came to pick it up, so Courtney put it to good use. Can't wait to see what this week brings. Courtney is on Spring Break from SUU, so life is interesting. Have a great week everyone.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Who is this kid????

So we go to church today and people in our own ward didn't even recognize Cameron. He was looking way too much like a missionary boy! He finds out tomorrow if he totally dominated in the "Missionary Week" competition. He is hoping that his service at the Draper Temple Open House on Saturday will seal the deal. I just had to share these pictures, since he won't have this great missionary look forever. I sure love it!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cameron's Missionary Haircut

S0 it's 3:30 on Tuesday, and were ontime to Michelle's for the big appointment. As Michelle is getting started he was telling us he will get 500 points for a missionary haircut. Then Michelle asked what do the girls get? Oh, the girls get 500 points for encouraging a boy to get a missionary haircut. Hum, so who in your Harem of girls is getting the points???
Cameron was way too excited for the haircut, can you tell from his face?

Look at all that hair Michelle had to get through. Sad thing is, his hair grows so darn fast that give it 2-months and it will look the same,

He's getting there.

What do you think, should he part it to the side? Look at those big blue eyes, and his cute baby face. He'll be such a cute missionary!

Here Cameron is with his new haircut. Bonus! He gets credit if he prepares a meal for his family. He made us Asian noodles.
I LOVE MISSIONARY WEEK! I can't wait to see what he is making us tonight?

Cameron...A Missionary????

Okay, so last week I am on my way to Parent Teacher Conferences with Cameron when he say's "By the way Mom, next week is Missionary week in Seminary, so I am getting my hair cut"

my reply " I love Missionary Week!" "When do you want to go to Michelle's for your hair cut?" As you can tell from this picture, taken last month, he diffinitely needs a hair cut. He hasn't had it cut since Auntie Cheryl cut it last October. So today at 3:30PM, he is going to have his "Missionary Haircut". Believe me, I will have my camera on! He told me this is his last haircut until he goes on his mission in August. We'll put an update on as soon as he is done today! Personally, I love his hair shorter, but that is the Mom speaking.
P.S. Parent Teacher Conferences were boring, everyone said the same thing, he's a great kid and getting an "A". How hard is it to fail Gourmet cooking and Shop Auto Classes. Just kidding, he is doing great in his college credit classes too. And Thomas is doing a great job too! This was my last time to go to Parent Teacher Conferences, darn, I will soo miss them....NOT!