Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Kandace!

June 16, 1987....A day that was a life changing day for the Leavitt Family. Kandace Kay Leavitt joined our family and it has not been the same since that day. And here she is at one year old, she didn't have much hair then, but look at her now! 24 years later...and still those beautiful blue eyes that light up a room.
Kandace bought herself a birthday present a new puppy.

Here she is with "Ollyonka" or Olly for short. She has had the puppy for two weeks, and is learning how much work they really are. Hopefully by her next birthday she will have the puppy trained and getting more sleep.

Crazy Kandace....that is what we love about her. Always having FUN.

So Kandace decided to throw her own party so she invited a few friends over for pizza, games and fun. Sorry we didn't get AUBS in the picture before she had to leave.

Kandace and her friends just having some FUN.

And the 24 things we love about Kandace in no particular order:

1. A great Daughter

2. Loves her friends

3. Her BIG BLUE eyes.

4. Always wants to have FUN.

5. Paid off her car!

6. Cleaned and Organized her closet...and the world didn't even end!

7. Finds great DI ties to send to Cameron.

8. Makes a great Chauffer for Grandma and Grandpa Haupt.

9. Helps with the yard work.

10. Has a grumpy turtle named Turd!

11. Loves her cousins.

12. Loves to hang out with her Aunties and Uncles.

13. Makes great protein shakes.

14. SHOES...Loves them and has a great collection.

15. Quick texting skilBoldls.

16. Drops what she is doing to help a friend in need.


18. A great sport to run a race with, even if she hasn't trained/

19. Great taste in nail polish.

20. Has great clothes to steal.

21. Loves to SHOP any time any where!

22. Makes us Laugh!

23. Has a cute puppy that everyone wants!

24. Always says "Love You" when she calls!

Hope your day was great Kandace!