Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thomas has returned to Germany and Kandace's Birthday

Wow, we can hardly believe how quickly the last 10-months have flown by. Thomas Frahsek came to live with us on August 16th of last year, and he had to return home last Saturday. (He got to extend an extra week to go to the 311 concert with the boys) He was alot of fun to have with our family. He was quite shy and quiet at first, but he warmed up to us and showed his quick wit and fun personality, We sure are going to miss him around here. A couple of days before he left he wanted to take us all to dinner. With all the crazy schedules in our family, this is all we could round up last Wednesday.

On Thomas's last Sunday with us he picked all his favorite things to eat. Cameron's famous BBQ Ribs, sour cream potatoes, Strawberry spanich salad and Ice cream cake. After dinner Thomas brought out this cool fortune kit. It is basically a spoon that you put a piece of metal in, then you hold over a candle until the metal melts, then you drop it in a bowl of ice water. Whatever shape the metal makes, there is a fortune that goes with it. It was soo fun. We all liked our fortunes too.
This is Thomas checking or trying to check in for his flight. The counter agent had to assist because of his passport. Good thing, his flight had been changed to 1-hour earlier and he was checking in late. They were able to get him on another airline leaving just 1-hour after his flight, the time we thought he was leaving at. So all was well. Thomas, Cameron and me getting our last picture and hugs together. We are soo glad we get to go visit him in just a few short weeks. I didn't break down and cry, but know I will when we leave Germany. He is just one of the family now, and he knows he better keep in touch.
And our Kandace celebrated her 22nd Birthday yesterday. Holy cow, another kid trying to be the same age as me. Her good buddy Celeste sent her some beautiful flowers. We love you Kandace and hope you had a great birthday!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Whew....What a week its been!

Can I just say that we thought last week was crazy with Cameron getting his mission call. But this week was crazier, if you can imagine. Last Friday night Cameron and Thomas were in the "Temple Celebration" held at the conference center. What an amazing, spiritual night that was. I think I was so touched because President Monson was there, and the day before Cameron got his Mission call letter signed by President Monson. Over 7500 youth performed songs and dances to celebrate the opening of two new temples in the valley. I hope they will show the world the video that was made that night so you call can see how wonderful the night was. This is Courtney and me at Temple Square hanging out before the celebration started. One of the sister missionaries took our picture.
We all went shopping at the Gateway mall before the boys had to leave to be in the performance. We all got "HOT" new sunglasses, and one of Cameron's friends was walking by and we got her to take our picture. Don't you wish you had a cool pair of shades like ours??
Cameron graduated on Thursday, June 4th. He graduated with Honors, making the honor roll for the past three years.
So on Sunday , before he graduated from seminary, Cameron and I went out and took a few pictures in his cap and gown so we would have some good pictures. Do you think he is excited to be out of school?? He was a great sport and we had fun taking different shots.
Camerons "I'm FREE" shot!
At "Dear Ole Jordan High"

I ran up and took this picture just before he received his diploma. You couldn't wipe the smile off his face.
Cameron texted me just before graduation ended that he wanted a picture with me as soon as it was over. We found each other in the huge crowd and snapped a quick picture. Thanks Cam for letting me have a picture to remember with you!
Cameron with his best buds! Eric, Diego, Cameron and Nick. These guys will be friends for life. What a great bunch of guys!
Last night we all went up to Oakcrest Girls Camp to attend Courtneys "Friends and Family" night. Courtney and her roommate Lexi are going to be camp councilors for the entire summer. They officially start getting girls on Monday morning, but spent the week last week doing everything they will be doing with the girls each week. They will finish the first week of August, have a week off, then go back to college. Busy single girls having the best summer!
Courtney and her name sign for camp. Her name at Oakcrest is "Scrumptious" The girls will not ever know her real name. What a fun name she picked.
Here is Cameron and Thomas at the start of the obstacle course. It started out easy and got harder. Cameron is crossing the rope bridge. It was harder than it looks because the is only
1-single rope on the bottom. The picture below is Cameron trying to knock me off the log on the obstacle course. Ahh haa, he didn't win!!!
Courtney harnessing Luke for the "Zip line" The kids had a great time.
After zip lining, we tried out Archery. Courtney had to show everyone how it was done, Thomas was pretty good. You had to stay back when some of the kids were shooting the arrows. We had a fun night and all wish we could spend a week a Girls Camp play in the mountains with Courtney.
Well, that was our week.
Tomorrow we are having all Thomas's favorite food for his last Sunday dinner with us. He leaves to go back to Germany on Saturday. We will all miss him, he fit right in with our family. This coming week we have another full week. We'll up date you next week. Have a fun week!