Sunday, May 30, 2010

Man....What a Slacker!

Okay, so last week I went to Orlando for work and I got to see my LITTLE SISTER Linda(notice I didn't say younger since she is having double knee replacements this summer) and her family. It was wonderful to get together for a few hours and visit. They even drove all the way out to me. I felt so honored that they made room for me in their busy lifes to come to see me, THANKS LINDA and family. Love you all! So while I was there, me and my friends that I went with took a few hours to stop by SeaWorld. This is all of us at the end of the day at SeaWorld. We kinda cut out the last hour of our fun there, because the down pour that shut everything down. I did ride the "Manta", Holy Cow....I almost tossed my cookies on that one. It was one of the craziest rides I have ever taken. If you go to SeaWorld, make sure you check it out!
Here is the DOLPHIN show at SeaWorld. It was amazing. I can't wait for my next meeting in Orlando, I think I will head out a few days earlier and spend more time with Linda and her family. I really wish I could have brought the sunshine home with me...I loved it! is my SLACKER part. While I was looking at these pictures of Orlando, I found all the pictures from the last month. So here is the run down of what we have been up to lately...hope you dont get too bored.
This is me at the "One Thing That is GREEN" sponsored by JetBlue. We helped the comminity clean up the trail near 1600 S. and Jordan River. It was alot of fun.
This is the new walk bridge over the Jordan River near our house at 11400 S. I run this trail every time I run, and now I will be able to run over the bridge into South Jordan...a BIG Wooo Whoo!
This is the new 11400 South overpass. This will make our lives alot easier to zip up to Casey's house. Getting around our neighborhood now is aweful because of all the road construction, but it is suppose to be done this fall! Hurray!

So every year for the past 7 years I have been in charge of the "JetBlue Health Challage" Month. This year the weather really was stinky for our bonus point activites. This is me with the brave souls that showed up for the "Thanksgiving Point" walk. Yes, the white flicks are snow flakes. Who would have thought we would still have snow every week in APRIL! At least it was a beautiful day for our TIMP Hike. Just a fun thing I do for my job!
So, the Monday after Mother's Day, I have a bright Idea for FHE. Let's make Strawberry jam! So Courtney, Tineke and I spent a couple of hours making freezer jam. Another interesting adventure. I only ran to the store twice for new jars and more pectin. We ended up with 45 jars of jam. And Courtney had to make us pancakes for dinner to have some of our STRAWBERRY JAM on! YUMMY!

Did I ever tell you that we are one of the offical sponsor of the REAL soccer team? A couple of weeks ago we had an off site training at the REAL Stadium. On one of our breakout sessions we went outside to chat and warm up. Funny thing, Kyle Beckerman was on the field shooting a commercial. Ahh...another perk why I LOVE my JOB!
Finally, This is a picture of Steve and me as we head out to my "JetBlue Royale" party. We had a blast at the party, it was a casino night, fake gambling for prizes. I have NEVER gambled before, so we headed to the craps table because it reminded me of BONCO! We were the first to arrive, and the table guys taught us how to play. I won...I SCREAMED...I won more..I SCREAMED more! MORE people came over to join us and they SCREAMED too! I have the best job ever! Such a fun night. Now I think I am caught up on my busy life. Until next week...When COURTNEY gets her MISSION CALL! Stay tuned!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Race for the Cure

Yesterday was "Race for the Cure" This was my second year doing this race. This year I signed up and ran for my friend Jenn Jewkes that passed away las year. I was on "Jenns Angels" team, and met her family and friends bright and early for a group shot. I also was there to support my sister Vicki, who was diagnosed last spring with breast cancer.
This is me and my sister Vicki after the race at the Surivors Pink Cafe. They had a "Survivors Parade" after the race. They line the breast cancer survivors up by number of years survivied and have a parade. The news reported that there were over 25,000 in attendance to the race, and there were near 1,000 in the survivor parade. Here is Vicki and her supportors. Her family.

Autumn kept the kids entertained while we waited for the parade to start.
Can you see Vicki on the steps at the Gateway with all the survivors? They take a group picture and then release white doves for the survivors. Such an amazing sight.
Here is the whole group on the stairs waiting to start.
These are the boyz I saw last year at the race. They loved everyone wanting to take their picture. What great support for all these ladies. We had a great day, both with all the people there to support "Race for the Cure" and the weather was actually the best it has been for a while. I will definitely be there again next year...who wants to join me???

Courtney's SSU Institute Graduation

Last weekend Courtney moved home from SSU. She will spend the summer at Oakcrest then head out for her mission. It was an exhusting weekend, but always fun. I headed down to Cedar City Thursday afternoon, and got there in time to attend her Institute Graduation. As I sat waiting for the program to start, I noticed something a little strange. I leaned over to Bridget and said "Why are there soo many Girls Graduating"? There were about 60 GIRLS and only about 4 GUYS graduating. Then it occured to me. I leaned over again and said "Oh...I bet they are all on missions". We laughed. So here we all are after graduation. Courtney has such wonderful friends. I will miss coming down to visit and sleeping on the floor. They are such a part of our family.
This is Courtney, Bridget and Lexi. My GIRLS. We had a great night together. Did you know that Ceder City pretty much closes at 9 PM. We tried to go eat after graduation and the first restrurant was just putting up their CLOSED sign. We tried a couple of others, they were closed. We ended up at a cute pizza place and had some great giggles and laughs. The GIRLS stayed up late together, spending their last night as roomates together. Where did the time go, I swear I was just moving Courtney down to school yesterday. We know that although the GIRLS are not together everyday now, they will be friends forever!