Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring BREAK!!! AKA the BEST 24 Hours!

First of all, I am a slacker for not blogging for a few weeks. I know that life gets busy, but at least I am finally back at the computer. So a week ago, Courtney's cute room mate that we call "Life Size Bridget" called to say that she was on "Spring Break" and wanted to come to stay with us for a few days. So we planned a day to spend together and had such a wonderful time. Cute Bridget showed up at my door at 8 AM Thursday morning, just as I was putting on my weeding shoes to go out and weed for a minute. She offered to help me weed and plant some blubs that I didn't get in last fall. We worked in the dirt for about an hour. Then we decided to take a bike ride. Since I have been training for my first TRI for the last 3-months, I try to go on a 10-12 mile bike ride on my day off. My great friend Margaret let me borrow a bike, and off we went on our bike ride. We had a great time and got some serious exercise. I can't wait for it to get warmer so we can get some more rides in. When we got back from our bike ride, we did the Jillian "30-day Shred", another thing I have done everyday for the last couple of months. Yes, after these activities we were stinky and tired. So we both hopped in the shower, had lunch and headed out shopping to get a couple of more goodies to send a package to Sister Leavitt for Easter. ( Don't worry Elder Leavitt, I have your back too!)

Our goal for the day was to have Courtney's package in the mail before the post office closed. We DID IT!!! Everything we got actually fit in the package. That was a miracle too! So reaching our goal of getting Court's package off, which was just .03 oz shy of the 4 lb limit, we were able to come home and PLAY!!!!
We had to make TACO's for dinner, in Courtney's honor. They were sooooo GOOD!
Here's Bridget and Tasha showing off their taco's...YUM....YUM! After dinner we sat down to watch a chick flick, when Bridget suddenly had this crazy notion that we should make cookies. So we stopped the movie and made cookie dough, watched for a few more minutes. stopped again to bake the cookies.....and.......
Bridget making "Andes Mint" cookies.
On the cookie baking break we also had Tasha put on a "Brother McDonald" piano concert. Yes, I was totally spoiled by Courtney's great friends. As I sat and listened to Tasha play I was kinda sad for a minute, because we were doing everything that Courtney would be doing.....but it was nice to know that her wonderful friends take care of us.
Tasha playing the piano and Bridget, the professional "Page Turner"! The concert went for about an hour...a whole hour of Heaven on Earth! It was so relaxing.
Kandace and Bridget.....what cuties!
Mamm K and Bridget, I LOVE this girl! We did finally finish watching our Chick Flick, but after that I had to head to bed, to be able to get up for work a 3:30 AM. We had the BEST 24- hours together. Bridget had to leave early the next morning, as she was heading back to Cedar City. I loved spending "Spring Break" with Bridget! In fact, I have signed us up for the "Great Urban RACE" in August, just so she will come and spend time with us again. Of course, she will be stopping in on Mother's Day....Right Bridget? Thanks for the fun day.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Just for kicks....more pictures from Elder Leavitt

Elder Leavitt sent these pictures home last week. There are some fun ones. It made me think of when my brother David went on his mission to Argentina, we would only hear from him about once a month and maybe every six months get a picture or two. I think we are soo lucky to be able to hear from Cameron every week, and get so many pictures of what he us doing every couple of weeks. Enjoy the pictures, and Elder Leavitt...keep them coming for us to enjoy! I guess this is the entrance to the cave they went to.
Elder Leavitt on a cool bridge by the cave.
At the can totally tell his mother did not dress him. Where are his hiking shoes????
Okay....a face that makes Mom SMILE! I Love this picture!
I guess he had to do some push-ups to get ready for his next picture.....
Wow....such BIG Muscles! He sure is getting stronger, he didn't use to hold up boulders with a single hand!
I am sure that he is selling the GOSPEL! I tried the number...but no one answered. They must be soo busy with this new sign, the calls are rolling in!
A handsome group of young men. Not sure if this is his branch or what.
Elder Leavitt having fun with the kids again. I looked at the old tire for a while and thought that this little boy probably spends hours having great enjoyment with it, I loved that thought!
Elder Leavitt said this is a road they walk down everyday. Such a beautiful sight!
And this last one is Elder Leavitt crashing on his bed after a long day. He is so blessed to have a bed. We know he is working hard, and also having a little fun. We are so lucky to have such great kids. Hopefully Courtney will be able to send some pictures home soon. I do post her email weekly on her blog, check it out if you haven't read her emails! Have a great week everyone! :)