Monday, February 16, 2009

Danka Oma!

Thank you to our German Grandma- Oma Lucy! Thomas's family from Germany is here for a visit. Thomas wanted his Oma (Now our Oma) to cook for him while she was here. Oma brought her own special spices and cooking tools from Germany to cook for us. Here (the above picture) she is making potato dumplings. Made from cooked potatoes, mashed in the press, potato starch and a touch of potato water. Oma Lucy brought her own potato press all the way from Germany, it was her Grandmothers. The girls said it reminded them of their "Playdough" press that they had when they were younger. We were all amazed at how quickly she prepared a meal for 12. Here Oma tells Thomas how to cook the potato dumplings. She had us all hopping around the kitchen to get things done. She would say things in detail to me in German, and I some how understood what she wanted and was able to get her what she needed. Women in the kitchen speak the same language!

Here Cameron, Thomas and Gert, Thomas's father cut the roasted chicken into parts then Oma put a seasoned baste on the chicken and placed it back in the oven. The baste made the chicken skin roast crisper. Cameron loved the favor. Now he has some serious competition in the kitchen!

Thomas and his sister Natalie enjoy Oma's cooking. Thomas ate more than we had ever seen him eat. There were alot of leftovers, so Thomas will eat well this week. The meal consisted of roasted chicken, potato dumplings, red cabbage with apples from Germany that Oma snuck in her luggage, leeks in cream sauce, cucumber and tomato salad and for dessert we had raspberry cake. Ohh we were in heaven!Here is Thomas's family. Opa,Thomas,Oma, Natalie and Gert.

All of us after the delicious meal. We love our new Oma and Opa! Thank you for such a wonderful meal and a fun night! By the way, Oma an Opa have been married 50 years this year, don't they look great!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Blueberry

If you haven't heard yet I will be the first to tell you the news. You remember about a month ago when I told you about the car accident I was in? Well after a week and a half of calling the insurance all the time and going back and forth to the auto body shop the news finally came back that my car was totaled. Great huh! Well it actually was great because my old car was kind of crappy. The best news is that while I paid $5,000 for the car the insurance gave me $6,000 for it!!!!!! So two weekends ago I went to home to go car shopping. Boy was that a long day, I had to carry $6,000 with me all day because the banks were closing that was so was weird.

I had to give away all of the money the insurance had given me but before I did I had my mom take a picture of me fanning myself with it because I had never held that much money before in my entire life. And if I look a little stressed that's because I am, that is a day I never ever want to relive.
This is the person I bought the car from, he thought we were crazy because we made him take pictures with us so I could post them on the blog, but he went along with it anyways, probably because I had the money. But after he took the picture with me I let him have the money. :(And just like that all my money was gone, but I got a good car out of it so I guess it was worth it.

Now about the name. So you know that part in the first Willy Wonka when Violet Beauregarde eats the piece of gum that turns her into a giant blueberry? Well if you don't you're missing out and if you do you'll understand why I named my car the blueberry.

Well there you go, I know that took a while, but atleast there were a ton of pictures!
P.S. Thanks mom for helping me that day and for driving me over a 100 miles to look at all the cars. I still owe you a batch of cookies for that!