Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hitting the "Finish Line" for Elder Leavitt...

In less than three weeks Elder Leavitt will cross the "Finish" line of his mission, and what a race it has been. Just like a real race, and the last few miles are the most enduring, and don't give up miles. He is going strong and giving his all to the end. He has been sick for the past week and in bed. He HATES to be sick and make his companion stay home from missionary work. This is a recent picture of Elder Leavitt and his companion Elder Dela Cruz. His companion makes fun of his Tagalog and he makes fun of his companion's English. He has really enjoyed his companion.
Why is it that Cameron always have to pull the "Goofy" face? This lady was their latest baptism. She took them to this park for a picnic lunch and site seeing.

Enjoying their picnic lunch.

Just driving in the car.....not a Jeepney or taxi.

One of the sites they visited.

We are so excited for him to come home, and know that he will miss the people. What a LIFE adventure he has had and will have stories to tell for a lifetime. Can't wait for him to cross that finish line in three weeks. Go STRONG Elder don't get to the finish line and quit!

Friday, September 23, 2011

HP Holy Rollers Take Two....

Okay, it is that time of year again when the weather starts to cool down and the guys think they need to get their bikes out for the final rides of the season. Last weekend we hit the road with our HP Holy Rollers for our ride to Bear Lake. The plan this year was to leave early enough that we would be in Logan to meet Marathon Margaret at the finish line as she completed her race "TOP of UTAH". Our plans had a huge damper when Mother Nature decided that we needed some rain and hail just before we hit Brigham City. We forged through the storm and some how made it to the finish line just as Margaret was coming in. So, the funny thing about getting there just as Margaret was coming in, I just hopped off the bike and told Matt and Steve to go find somewhere to park the bikes and come find me. We were two blocks away from the finsih line and as I rounded the corner and saw the "FINISH" arch I felt a hand come over my shoulder and say "Hey Karen, you made it" I turned and looked and there was Margaret running her last block, I started to run with her in all my leathers, helmet and all. Then I looked at my silly self and told Margaret to just go finish the race and I would be there. I can only image what the onlookers were thinking as I was running down the street in my leathers, kinda crazy! So here we all are after the race. You can't tell, but everyone had wet pants and shoes. We all went back to Margaret's hotel and put on dry pants, socks and Steve had to go buy new boots. Then we all went to lunch. Mike and Connie were too cold to continue the ride and stayed in Logan. The rest of us went on to Bear Lake, it rainned for about 5-minutes up the canyon, then it was dry the rest of the ride. I was disappointed that the leaves were not changing yet, I am sure after last weekend they are now changing.
Once we got to the cabin, we all changed and got cleaned up to go and watch the BIG game, UTAH VS BYU at Coopers bar. Holy cow, what a crazy night. We were the only ones in the bar that were not drinking, and the more the U scored the louder the crowd got. Let's just say, it was very interesting being there. We left when the score was 38-10 and poor BYU kept fumbling.

The next morning was BEAUTIFUL! We all went on a nice walk and enjoyed the beauty all arounnd us.

Cute Matt and Margaret....what an amazing lady, runs a marathon then hops on a bike. I still can't believe she did that and kept up with us.

These were about the only fall colors I could find.....but at least there were some colors.

Here we are as we chatted with the neighbors that had just got home from church. We were just leaving to enjoy the ride home.

Bear Lake is so beautiful, next year we are going to try and stay longer so we can enjoy the water.

Matt and Margaret zipping around the lake in front of us.

BLUER than BLUE! The lake is so BLUE!

We had to stop at the beach and snap a quick picture!

Wild things....Matt and Margaret!

We went home a different route, through Randdolph, UT, which took us over some high mountains and into Huntsville.

At the summit, such a beautiful view! But it was COLD! I was glad I had my leathers handy to put on.

The bikes enjoying the view. We had such great weather for the ride home. Steve got a little too much sun...which you will see in a few....

When we got home, Kandace had made us all "HOT Peach Pie" just waiting for us! It was her first attempt at any pie, and it was soo YUMMY!

Yes, I still had my duo rag on from riding all day...but can't wait to have some peach pie!

Poor Matt choking down his pie......he bet Kandace she couldn't do it again? Actually she did last night and it was even better!

And here is Steve...see what I mean about too much sun. I felt bad I kept laughing at him because he looked like an Easter Egg that was half dyed. At least he really enjoyed his pie. We had a great weekend even though the rain tried to ruin it for us. Next year, please let us have more SUN!!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Love to see the Temple...I'm walking there someday....

Bright and early Saturday morning I arrived at the Draper temple to drop my car off, catch a ride to our chapel and walk 7-miles with our Young Women to the Draper Temple. Yes, it was a little crazy, but we found out that there were more crazy young women in the area that walked from the Draper Temple to the Salt Lake Temple. Here are the brave eight Young Women that actually showed up to join us for the "Walk to the Temple"

This is the half way spot a the Historic Draper Park. The girls were in good spirits the entire walk and entertained each other and the leaders.

Along one of the paths a horse started to talk to us, so Chandlor had to go say "Hi" to Smokey the Horse.

See what happy faces they had, and they still had over 2-miles to go. This walk was a challenge for some of the young ladies, but they were determined to do it, and kept right on walking throug sore feet and ankles. We did have a support vehicle that followed us just in case anyone needed to have a rest.

We walked through a tunnel that the girls each stood in one of the characters spots to pose, Cassidy made a great bird!

And then we hit the last mile, it was straight up hill. It was the hardest mile of the entire walk, but they DID IT! Kate even ran up the hill, but she was the only one crazy enough to run the hill.

See, the sign showing the temple is that way......

Almost up the hill. Such a great view of the valley behind them. So wonderful to see three temples from this hill. Where else can you see that many temples from one spot?

Arm in Arm arriving at the Temple!

They DID IT. They took a few hours of their Saturday morning to go for a beautiful walk.

We had eight Young Women and four leaders walk with us yesterday. When we arrived we had a light breakfast waiting for us and the Bishop came us and talked to us about the challenges we will have in our lives going to the temple, but the blessings we recieve inside, are worth every challage to get there. It was a great day, and I am soo proud of these Young Women for making the "Walk to the Temple"