Sunday, February 20, 2011

Double the Leavitt's, Double the FUN!

This weekend we had a special treat...Austin and Cody with their four beautiful girls came to stay for a couple of days. Cody's Grandpa Okuda had his retirement party on Friday, so they came Friday night and left on Sunday morning. We all had a great time and it was so nice to just have some noise in the house again. I talked Austin into going to my TRI training class on Saturday morning. I had asked Kandace that if the girls woke up to make "Mickey Mouse" wafffels for the girls, something that Courtney normally does for us. When we walked in from our workout, we could smell WAFFLES!
So I have to tell the funniest story. Everyone is eating waffles and visiting. And I hear "Ouch, Ouch, Ouch, Ouch....." I look over and Elynn is cutting up her Mickey Mouse waffle and everytime she cuts his ears, eyes, nose, she is saying "OUCH". Yes, we all started laughing. I so miss little kids around the house. They always make you laugh!
After Kandace had finished making the kids waffles, she stole Macee. Macee is the best baby ever. She loves everyone and is so easy going. It was just so awesome to have these girls around. Saturday durung the day, Austin and Cody and the girls went to Coalsville to visit Cody's 91 year old Grandma. His parents and siblings all met there to. There was alot of snow up north and the girls had a blast playing in the snow. (Austin, get your pictures posted on your blog!) We planned for a dinner together after they were done. We had Casey and Tineke and Grandma and Grandpa Haupt come too for dinner.
While we were waiting for Austin and Cody to arrive, Steve and Casey showed Grandpa how to go online and watch movies on Netflex. they made him do everything on his own. Now Grandpa is ready to cut loose, and watch movies.
When the girls arrived, they were all wet and cold from playing in the snow. I suggested putting them all in the tub before we ate so they could get warm. So I ran the jacuzzi and they were so happy to have bubbles and warm!
Kennedy even put on goggles to swim under water.
They had way too much fun blowing bubbles. Cute Leah had a wash cloth and cleaned up their mess as they made it. She is a good helper.
Kandace and Austin had fun snapping shots of everyone all night. Here I am smiling for Kandace.

And Kandace and Austin took pictures of each other taking pictures. We just had a nice night at home and hanging out. I made pulled pork. Cameron's recipe. I was nervoust to make it, since Cameron is a PRO, and I had alot to live up to. All in all, everything was yummy. We are enjoying the leftovers today! Nice!
I did get to take a few pictures, here is Kandace and cute Macee.
Grandma Haupt and Macee. Macee loved snuggling with Grandma.
After dinner the girls made us cookies. I had promised Courtney that we would make cookies with the girls. She always does this with them when they come. So we did our best to keep that tradition going. Steve actually took over the cooking with the girls. Elynn was the first to dive in, she knew that she was going to make cookies, and all through dinner asked if it was time to make cookies yet?

Elynn is ready to go...she washed her hands and put on her apron before making cookies!
All three girls going to town rolling cookie dough balls. After the first batch went in the oven Steve showed them his favorite thing to do with cookie it. Elynn loved that idea! You should have seen her cheek full of cookie dough.
We are soo glad that Austin Cody and their cute girls came to entertain us and have fun for the weekend. We hope they come back again soon!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Exciting Adventures of Elder Leavitt

Elder Leavitt sent a few pictures home the past few weeks, so I wanted to post them for all to enjoy. He is down to only 8 months left on his mission, and the time is flying by. We enjoy hearing from him and especially seeing where he is and what he is up to. Here Elder Leavitt is retreating to his secluded reading room. He said he really enjoys going out to the hammock relaxing while he does his scripture study.
Goofy Missionaries with the kids.
A beautiful rice field. Ohh.... to see GREEN again!
Elder Leavitt with his first companion just before he headed home.
Who are the kids and who is the missionary? Cameron loves being with the kids.
Not sure what this picture is. I am just glad he still has his camera. A few days before Christmas he and his companion were taken to a dark alley and robbed. He had just opened his new camera for his Christmas gift and almost took it with him that day. Thank goodness their guardian angel was with them and no one got hurt and the person that did rob them only got a backpack full of church literature and about $1.50 in cash.
This week Elder Leavitt and his district went on a hike to a waterfall. These are the pictures he sent of his hike.
The waterfall
Just a beautiful picture of the scenery from the top.
More scenery.
And here is Elder Leavitt cooling off in the stream. Notice all the other missionaries in the background. Nice to see that they do get to have some down time to enjoy the country side. Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we do.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Valentines!

Nothing say's its' Valentines like Conversation Hearts! Kandace and our little friend James had some fun with my new camera and so I thought I would share with you.
TRUE LOVE...Baby I Love you!!!
I think they were taking these fun pictures for Courtney....but I loved them and wanted to post them.

Yep, they were totally being SILLY WILLIES!
Life is never boring around here....well then again when no one is here, it is totally BORING!
Doesn't Kandace look so HOT! She should totally put this as her FB profile picture!
James LOVES to play games whenever he comes over. When I walked in from work he was sitting at the table playing "Go Fish" with Kandace. When he saw me he looked up and said "Mamma K! Did you miss me so bad you couldn't stand it?" Yes, we do miss our Jamies E Buckets (AKA James) when he isn't around. Thank goodness we have him to make us all smile while Courtney is away. Oh course he also had to tease me about that too. He said "My Courtney..." Edging me to say "Oh no....she's MY COURTNEY" Then with that cute grin he said "Remember we Share!" We wish you all a "HAPPY VALENTINES" And remember
"We Love You"!!!

Macee's Baby Blessing

A few weeks ago we went back to Las Vegas to attend Macee Keiko Okuda's baby blessing. We were so excited to just get out of the cold for a couple of days, but it wasn't that warm in Las Vegas either. Here is cute Macee. Such a happy, easy going baby.
See, she is trying to smile for the camera. What a cutie!
I got to visit alot with this cutie, such a beautiful baby with dark hair and blue eyes.
Elynn caught me and asked me to help her put on her princess dress. So here is Princess Elynn.
Princess Elynn dubbing her royal Prince...Daddy! And daddy trying to watch the game on TV.
So I was just snapping pictures of everyone and caught Carlin....scratching his head???? At least that is what he told me, you be the judge?
Grandpa Leavitt just happy to be with the family, even though no one would give in and get him a muffin!
A rare moment. Steve with his sister Cheryl, and father. Not something that happens to often anymore so we have to capture the moment when it happens.
And the Leavitt siblings...well most of them. Carlin, Austin, Benny, Cheryl and Steve. We will have to try and catch up with everyone when Guy and Teresa are in town. It was a fun trip, quick, but fun!

Happy 29thish Birthday!

Okay, so a month ago I celebrated my birthday. We actually celebrated a day early since it was Sunday and everyone had the day off. You know how it is, life gets crazy on the weekdays! So my wonderful family made me a yummy dinner. Almond crusted Tilapia. Yummm! This was an act of love since no one cares much for fish but me. Steve did a great job! Casey made my birthday cake. Normally I make an Ice Cream cake for birthday's. Another act of Love...Angel Food Cake, Strawberries and whip cream. Double Yummo!
Someone tried to pull a funny and accidently but "52" on my cake, I helped correct that right away. Humm...I wonder who would do such a thing? For my birthday Steve got me 10-sessions for training for a TRI with a trainer. I have gone three times and have a loooooonnnnngggg way to go with the swimming portion. I thought I would die after the first time. but I am headed back again this week! Hopefully I will be ready for my TRI in April.
The morning of my real birthday I had this fabulous surprise in my yard! It was so fun to find at 4 AM as I headed out to work. Kandace took a picture for me. Thank you to Steve's wonderful Aunt Linda and her new business..."Card in a Yard" So fun!
And these cuties came over that night and played the piano for an hour for me. was the best birthday ever. Thank you Tasha and Bridget for making me SMILE!!! I have the best family and friends ever!