Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween + Homecoming = Family FUN!

How Cow what a busy couple of weeks we have had! When Cameron came home, we were told that his Homecoming would not be until October 30th, because we had regional conference on October 23rd. So we put the word out to the family that Ocotber 30th he would be reporting. We were suprised that all the Leavitt's came up from Las Vegas to support him. They all arrived on Friday, October 28th, which happened to be our Ward Trunk or Treat, and Steve's Birthday! Of course we had to celebrate both. So here we are at Trunk or Treat, Steve was really looking OLD for his age. Ashely and her two cute boys really loved the Haunted 4-wheel drive.

Quinn looking so grown up in his Star Wars costume.

Austin and her girls. It was COLD once the sun went done, so we didn't stay long at the Trunk or Treat, just long enough to grab a couple of treats.

Tineke, Cameron and Casey hanging out at Trunk or Treat.

When we got home we all changed out of our costumes and just enjoyed being together. Macee LOVED Olly, every time Olly got close to her she would just squeal and laugh. It was soo fun to watch her. Not sure if Olly enjoyed it, she looked a little bit worried.

Next it was time to sing "Happy Birthday" to Steve. We have a family tradition that we sing as LOUD and OFF KEY as we can. We kinda forgot to tell our visiting family. They were a little taken back with how BAD we sing. We had to explain our CRAZY tradition. Hey, they might even start doing the same thing.....crazy is related! (oh.... and I couldn't find a "2", so we just put two "1"s on the cake, and that is the 511 on this picture) Cameron of course had to carve a pumpkin. He did a 311 patttern on his pumpkin. I forgot to download a picture of the finished product, but it turned out awesome.
Saturday started bright and early. Cameron and I got up and went to a friends house to make "PICO and Tomatillo sauce" for his Taco Bar for Sunday. When we got home, everyone wanted to go shop. We ended up at IKEA for a couple of hours. Cheryl and Ashley couldn't get enough of it, and went back for more. After the shopping trip, we had arranged for Ashley to snap a couple of pictures for our Family Christmas card. We had her suggest what colors to wear, and then we just drove a couple of blocks down to the trail and snapped a few great pictures. This is a sneak peak of one of the pictures she took. Now we need to get Courtney to send a picture for the card.

We had a super busy Saturday. After the pictures, we had to run home and get changed to drive to American Fork for our "Halloween 5K" Cameron, Kandace, Austin and I ran the race. We had everyone else stay home and watch kids and enjoy dinner together.

So, here is Cameron, Olly, Kandace and Austin at the starting line waiting for the race to start. Olly completed her third 5K.....she loves going with us. This race was so FUN, it start at 7 PM, and it was dark. We ran through the cementary, then through a neighborhood, back through the cementary...and it was pitch dark and a full moon, then the finish line was at the AF recreation center. I can check this off my buck list....running a 5k through a funny!

Us practicing winning the race....YES.. I just might win!

YEAH...Baby..... I won Cameron in another race, and will be 29 another year! Well, I guess he could have won me if he hadn't stop to let Olly down.

And Sunday Cameron gave his report, then we had everyone come back to the house for the "TACO BAR" Feast! We had a ton of people, and it was soo great to see everyone. Welcome Home Elder Leavitt! Thank you everyone that came to support us this weekend! Only 5-months until we have another PARTY!