Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Okay, about a year about Steve and his two HP counselors wanted to take a road trip together on their motorcycles. We have all been trying to find a time that would work for all of us, and this weekend we finally made it happen. So we planned and scheduled a date and all met bright and early for the big COUPLES RIDE.
Here we all are in front of the Barth's house, ready to ROLL out of town. Margaret wasn't able to ride on the bike, she just had her knee fixed, so she was our HP HOLY ROLLERS Support Vehicle, and she was the best support ever, always making sure we had everything we needed. Gassing up in Brigham City. We also stopped for lunch. Then we were off. The three HP's. They really enjoy being together, and they are such a great bunch of guys. This is a quick stop in Logan Canyon.
Us at the BEAR LAKE Lookout.
Here is the whole gang. Mike and Connie Barth, Steve, me and Matt and Margaret Cooper. Such a great looking bunch!
The guys ready and just waiting on the gals.
This is Connie and me just goofing off with "Mr. Bear"Matt and Margaret had a friend that let us stay in their cabin. This is the amazing view from our balcony out our bedroom. And the bikes enjoying the beautiful view. Another fabulous view from the balcony.
Steve and I took a walk around and I saw this awesome guy just hiding in the trees. I thought it was kinda cool.
And this is us leaving and heading back. It was way to quick of a trip.
Just a view of the road out, from the back seat of course.
On the way out, we just wanted to stop by "Paris". This is a beautiful tabernacle that the pioneers built. They had to haul the red sandstone by sled across the frozen Bear Lake to build this. We all had a great appreciation for this beautiful building.
Another great shot of the view from the backseat of the bike. There was soo much beauty everywhere we looked.
The beauty and wonder never ended. We really lucked out to have the perfect weather for the ride and the leaves were absolutley amazing! Love FALL LEAVES!
Our last shot on the way home. We had so much fun. Steve has been working soo hard on our basement to get it finished for my parents, that he needed this relaxing weekend. We all decided that this will definatley be an annual COUPLES RIDE. Maybe next year we will all have offical "HP HOLY ROLLERS" shirts made.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy 27th Anniversary

Yesterday we celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary. We really think of it as 28 years together, since we met on September 16, 1982. So, here we are in a RETRO picture on Steve's motorcycle. Man, we were so in love we didn't even care that we were dirt poor and that Steve's only reliable form of transportation was his bike. After we were engaged he would drive his motorcycle from Logan to Salem every weekend to see me. Oh...what TRUE LOVE will endure. So, since we have a couples motorcycle ride to Bear Lake planned for this weekend, we kinda just went low key on our actual anniversary. We were going to go to a nice Inn, but oppted out and decided to go to one of our favorite resturants downtown "The ROOF" at the top of the Joseph Smith Building. This is what our view was from our table. Simply SPECTACULAR! The sun was setting and every five minutes the sky changed and I had to snap another picture. As we enjoyed each others company, we admired th amazing architecture of the Salt Lake Temple. A view and appreciation only seen from our table.
I will spare you from all the pictures I took, but as you can see from these pictures, we really did have such an AMAZING VIEW of the temple. As we sat and admired the temple I reflected that 2-years ago we were on the beaches of Hawaii. And this view was every bit as amazing and appreciated. It was such a beautiful night. After dinner we wandered around the building, enjoying the beauty of the Joseph Smith Building. It was a quiet night there and we visited with a few of the couple missionaries working that night. We took this picture walking around temple square, and even got to stop in and hear the choir practing for their sunday broadcast. It was the perfect night, and I enjoyed every minute of it!
Thanks Steve for the most AMAZING 27 Years, let's enjoy the next 27 as much as these. We head out in the morning for our Motorcycle ride, so I will post those picture, which I am sure will have some great fall colors, as soon as we get back.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Huntsville Most Holy 5K...and Mr. T

Five years ago my cousin Sandy challenged me to join her at the Huntsville Most Holy 5k. So Cameron and I trained for a few months, and we ran our first 5K in September 2006. Now, five years later, it is one of my very favorite races to do. Last year Cameron went with me, this year, Courtney had the "Duty". So bright and early (6 AM) Saturday morning we set out for Huntsville. We got there early enough to stretch good and be ready for the race. Here we are at our "Traditional" picture spot, Me Courtney and our cute friend Bridget, ready to start the race. Since my knee surgery, I start out slower, but get into my "Groove" after a few minutes. It was cool out, but after about 5-minutes, I was sweating up a storm. I finished before Courtney and Bridget, but I alway go back run them in. They were walking, so I made them RUN to the finish line. They did great!
Here we are at the finish line, just waiting for the results of the WINNERS!
HOLY COW! We are both WINNER....WINNER..Chicken Dinner! I took second place in my age division and Courtney took third place in her age division. (Yes, there were only three entered in her division...but she Medaled!) It was one of our most GLORIOUS moments ever! I love the Huntsville Most Holy 5K! By the way, it is called this because of the Monk Monastery that is there. They have the best Raspberry "Holy Honey".
So...everyone is a WINNER! The lady who took first place in my age division took off her medal and put it on her dog. Ahhhh...so cute!
After the race we took a minute and drove around the BIG city. Since it was Labor Day Weekend, there were alot of people out on the Pineview resevior on their boats and Jetskies. It was a beautiful day to be out. I was wishing Steve was there on his motorcycle, we saw alot of those too! And here we are after the race, at the reservior. Another fun weekend! But I got to thinking...who will be going with me next year? Kandace.....Casey.....you better start training, you know Dad would never join me!
And now......Meet Mr TURTLE..OR MR. T for short.
Last week Kandace came home with her new pet. She has really wanted a DOG for ever, but Dad says "No". This is her compromise.....
Meet...MR. T. He is still getting use to us, and doesn't have much of a personality. But Kandace is soo Happy!
Mr. T taking a Sunday stroll for the poporatzie.
He is not a fan of the grass...but you should see him RUN...in the carpet! He is entertaining us, and he isn't as demanding as a dog.
Kandace is happy.....and that's all that matters! Welcome to the FAM Mr. T!