Sunday, June 27, 2010

A Great week for Celebrating!

In the famous words of our favorite exchange student....."The Leavitts are a little strange but never boring!" This week proved that statement correct. We start the week celebrating and honoring our Fathers.
Courtney was our offical photographer for Father's Day. So here is her work, pictures of our Happy Fathers. Steve is looking to serious...she must have interupted him eating.Here is Grandpa Haupt, he look concerned about Coutney taking his photo.
Courtney caught Casey and me enjoying our Father's Day feast.
Yes, and here are her best pictures of the day, Kandace...not sure what she is doing, but glad I didn't see whatever gave her a fright!
And finally, a self portrait. I don't think Courtney should quit her day job. I don't think anyone will be lining up for her to take their picture. At least she remembered to take some pictures of the day. We had a great time as a family all together enjoying our FATHERS.
Friday, JetBlue held our 10th Anniverary up in Park City. Here I am with my good friend holding the JD Powers award, that we won last month for the 6th year in a row. What a great company I work for!
This is me, Janet and Jan taking the lift up to go down the Alpine Slide! The lady on the lift next to me snapped this for us.

And here I am, all lined up to fly down the mountain at lightening speed. Actually, I went so fast my hat flew off, and I stopped, took my sled off the track, ran up the hill and grabbed my hat, then ran back down and finished my run, with my hat in my hand. I didn't want to lose it again, because I love to go FAST!
My friend Janet wanted to win a stuffed Monkey for her new grand baby so she talked us into doing the GUNNY SACK races, even though it was only suppose to be for kids 13 and up...oh yeah that is us, 29 year olds.....they guys running the races held a race just for us. Even though Janet didn't win the race....she was able to sweet talk the guy into a stuffed monkey just for getting all of us to do the race.
And so...we saved the best celebration of the week for last.
Courtney went through the temple yesterday. It was such a wonderful day. Made me miss my Cameron for a minute, but we all had a fabulous day.
Here we all are after the session. Courtney invited all her Oakcrest friends and family and our wonderful neighbors the Petersons.
Me, Courtney and Steve. Ahh...
Courtney and her Oakcrest gals. She really does have such great friends, and it was soo nice that she could have them all there on her special day. Even though she will leave in a few short months, she will always have this great memory to take with her. What a great week of celebrations we had this week!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

This week in the Life of the Leavitt's.....

To start off with, our Kandace is growing up. She turned 23 this week, if you couldn't tell by the cake. (21 + 2= 23) We didn't have a three. She was a good sport for her birthday. Her birthday was the same day that we moved Grandma and Grandpa Haupt in with us, and the whole house was a little bit chaotic. We did manage to get her favorite ice cream cake made...Chocolate cake with raspberry chocolate chunk ice cream. Yummy! Kandace contemplating what to wish for....I am sure all her wishes came true. Although we were too busy on her birthday to do to much with her. I did make us an appointment for a pedicure on Friday, and we had a fabulous time! Here are the top ten things we love about Kandace.
1. She is FRIENDS to everyone.
2. She knows how to have FUN!
3. She gives AWESOME HUGS!
4. Her LAUGH, makes you LAUGH!
5. She likes to EAT...and will eat almost anything.
6. She shares her ICE CREAM with others :)
7. She wants everyone to be HAPPY!
8. She loves LIFE!
9. Her great SMILE and beautiful EYES!
10. She loves her FAMILY and would do anything for them!
We hope she had a Great Birthday!
After getting Grandma and Grandpa settled in we tried to get on to our normal lives. But, what is normal? This weekend it was running my first 5K since knee surgery. Courtney agreed to run the "Running with Angels" race with me this year, and so we ran on Saturday.
Here are a few shots of the beautiful course we get to run. We get to run in the gorgeous gardens at Thanksgiving Point. The downside part is, there are lots of hills going up and down, so I had to stop to walk down some of the hills so I didn't hurt my knee. All in was so good to be out RUNNING again!
I always run back to get Courtney and run her into the finish line. She actually wasn't off far behind me this year. This is us where I found her. We walked up the wicked hill they put at the finish line, then Courtney RAN to the finish line. She did soo good considering she was sleep deprived from Girls Camp, and didn't feel too good. What a trooper!
Ahh...we did it! We were both soo proud that we had pretty good times. Kudos to us!
This is us after the race. We took time to walk around the gardens at Thanksgiving Point. After the race, we didn't stop. We came home, showered, did laundry, ate and then headed out to complete our checklist. Courtney will be going through the Draper Temple next Saturday, so we had to get everything she will need to go through the temple. The best part was that we had pre-bought tickets to see "Toy Story 3". So, at the end of our crazy day, we got to go sit and enjoy the movie. We were both surprised that the end of the movie made us both cry. What was with, Andy has grown up and moved on from playing with his toys. Maybe we were just so exhusted, our emotions got the best of us. I am sure that is what it was. So, there it is, another week has flown by. We are excited to take Courtney to the temple next week. Hope you all have a fabulous week. :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Courtney's Mission call....You'll never guess around March Courtney came home for college for the weekend and comes in our room and sits down and tells us she wants to go on a MISSION, and she feels she needs to go now. You could have knocked us over with a feather. What happened to the 4-year plan...she only has one more year of school and she will graduate. Well, of course Courtney had already checked and she can put her scholarship on hold for up to 2-years. So she had her plans already figured out she just needed to get her paper work in. So her mission call came today....a week later than expected. Courtney is on the directorship at the Oakcrest Girls Camp this year, and she lives up there all week, for the next 3-months. So I called everyone and they said they could make the drive up to her and surprise her. So, here she is with her call before she opened it. Reading where she is going.....WHERE.....YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING!
Kandace telling Courtney DON'T GO! Man, we never expected this one, but then Cameron's call took us all by surprise too!
The family is in SHOCK, and I think Courtney is the most surprised! Soo....where is she going???Watch as she opens her call and lets us all know.

And when does she enter the MTC????

And who won the family guessing pool, and wins dinner for two on Steve....NO WAY... Cameron, how did he know?

This is a testimony that someone else is really in charge of these mission calls. The gospel is TRUE! Congrats Courtney, you will make an AWESOME MISSIONARY (Hope she was able to sleep after this)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Oakcrest 2010

Where has the year gone? Really, it has been a year since we all went up to see Courtney at "Friends and Family" night last year, and here it is again. Last night we all went up to see Court, at her "Home Away from Home". She is on the directorship at Oakcrest this year, so she has been heavily involved in planning all of the activities for camp this year. She is the official "Head Cook". Steve and I drove her up last Saturday night to for her "Trial Week" at camp. This is where they only have staff, and do everything they will be doing when girls arrive. She is totally exhusted after her first week. Who knew that cooking 3 meals a day, 5 days a week for 400-500 girls could be soo exhusting??? We felt so bad for her when we left her last week, but if anyone can do it, Courtney can! I am sure in a few weeks she will have a routine and be able to have a break during the day from all the cooking. This is our gang..Lexi, Bridget and Tasha in front, her bestest buddies! We are all in the back also, Little Bridget and James are on Courtneys' lap. the zipline. Wow, Steve looks so thrilled to be with us!
James coming down the Zipline. He LOVED it! It was a long wait to go, but he laughed all the way down!
Courtney and James on the Obstacle course.

Waiting patiently in line at the zipline. "Cheese"

So the video below is the song that the directorship wrote for their theme this year, "Come Unto Christ". It is such a beautiful song. The spirit was soo strong, we all had red "Allergy Eyes" when it was over. It was a wonderful way to spend the night! Enjoy the video, and Courtney's mission call didn't come, so maybe next week we will have some BIG news to share!