Sunday, March 28, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have FUN.....ALIAS Style

It's another typical Friday night...NOT! Friday our cute friend Kamille Thayne invited us to be a part of her birthday celebration...ALIAS style. Kandace and I joined in the crazy fun. This is our team "Sydney" picture. We had 8 teams competing for the coveted trophies. All we had to do is complete each mission task and recieve the most points.
Here is Kandace and I at the begining of the party. I know you would never recognize us out on the streets in our amazing undercover costumes.These are all the undercover agents for the Draper Area. We were all competing against the undercover agents of the Murray Area.
We set out on our first mission, a CHINESE FIRE DRILL on State Street. Check, mission completed. We then head to sample Gelato, from any resturant to make sure the public would not be compromised. (tough job but someone had to do it.) We then had to break into an opposing team members home and steal a family picture. Check..Mission completed.
Our next mission was detonating our "BOMB" in a public place...No problem for team Sydney, and no one was injured or left with evidence in the process.
Our next mission lead us to Sandy City Hall to crack the code. RED,YELLOW,BLUE GREEN...Bingo, we completed the task.
On to the next mission, Order a small "Limeade" from Sonic, and don't let the enemy catch you. Again, victory for team Sydney.

Head queaters sent us on our next mission. Kidnap "Tony". As a team we were able to remove "TONY" quietly and place him in our getaway car.
Can you tell "Tony" is scared to death of team Sydney. It happened alot to us that night, the weird looks that is.
As we were trying to find a location to stash our victim we decided to complete another task..."Find a MAKEOUT location" Luckily we were in a secluded neighborhood with a river running through the backyards. One of our top agents spotted a hammock near the river, and we snapped a picture for head quarters approval.
Our kidnap victim decided he needed to be part of the action. I think TONY was enjoying his situation. It was time to dump TONY in a safe hiding place. We knew team MURRAY would have a tough time finding him. He said they didn't find him for 2-hours. sorry Tony!
Little did we know that we had a mole leaking all our information to the enemy. She was a great MOLEEE NICOLEEE!

This is the Birthday Girl KAMILLE in the middle...she was amazing to plan such a detailed ALIAS party for all of us to enjoy. We love you Kamille!
Our source or "Mole" gave us the exact location of the car that we needed to tag for surveillance. Another mission completed!
Our agents placing surveilance tags on our enemies vechicle.

Headquaters give us instructions to open our next mission at 1818, the mission was to head to 6651 State Street and find undercover agent "Terry Smith" with instructions for our next mission. Luck for us, we were next door to the location. a Gun Club. We were instructed that each agent needed to fire three shots to the target before we could complete this task and move on. No problem...kinda. Some of us had never held a revolver, let alone shot one. Kandace was a pro, she would like to do this again soon.
Me on the other hand, did the mission, but prefers not to shot a gun.
On to the next mission. Crash a wedding and take a picture with the Bride in the background. The Bride noticed our agents, and we had to quickly snap our picture and head out before they called security. Again...mission accomplished.
Oh, the wedding cake was Beautiful too!
Our next task from headquarters was to break into agent "Thaynes" and download top secret files. Our agents were PRO'S breaking into the building. (Thanks Kamille for the hints)
Downloading the top secret file. Another mission completed.
Next task, find a speedometer clock and clock our agents running. We chose our top running agents to complete this task. (Dang, I had to sit this one out with my bad knee). Again, team Sydney completed a mission. We were about to head back to headquarters and claim victory when our source informed us that we needed to retrieve our kidnapped victim.
Luckily Agent Lisa was at the wheel and speed to IKEA for the pick-up. Our team kidnap victim was delighted to see team Sydney there to rescue him from the ads of IKEA.
Although, in the end we did not win the competion, Team Murray stole it away. We walked away a stronger, more confident team . Team Sydney had achieved things that one can only image. Thank you to the Birthday Gals, they really know how to throw a party!
Nicolee....The Moleee....she won the black OPS award for the most memorable shooting range experience. Lets just say she almost had to change her clothes after shooting a revolver for the first time. Man, next Friday will be a let down after this party! :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Casey's new BBQ

Casey got a bonus at work about a month ago and decided he needed a new grill. He wanted us to come over and BBQ, so we decided to get together this past Sunday, while Courtney was on Spring Break. Here he us some burgers...not just any burger mind you, but one of Cameron's specialty ONION JAM BURGERS! Here is Casey enjoying his juicy Onion Jam Burger. Can you say "Ummmm"
So why Casey was slaving away at the BBQ the girls played Guitar Hero. Another family favorite past time. I know Colby is totally enjoying himself, can you tell?
Courtney and Lexi are totally rockin out! Go "Lexi Spears"!
It was such a nice sunny day that Steve even rode his motorcycle over to Casey's. Courtney insisted on riding both ways with him, since it totally kills my knee to fling over the seat, I didn't put up to big of a fight. Thanks Casey and Tineke for letting us come over and take over your house for the BBQ. We had a good time, but really missed Cameron hanging out with us.
Oh, and doesn't Courtney look so "HOT" in her helmet and glasses? Next bike ride, I am on the back, and I better not have anyone trying to take me down! Big Daddy will take care of me!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Adventures in the Philippines...

Cameron sent some more pictures today. He is making the best of every minute he is there. He said he is already dying of heat and the humidity. That is hard to even believe since we just had a snow storm on Saturday. So this first picture, since he didn't tell me what it is, looks like he is standing in layered field. That cow in the background must be trained to do stairs! Anyway, Cameron look like he is having fun. This picture he wondered if he was in the right country when he saw it. Much different than the San Francisco that we visited last year. Don't you just love his little parasol to keep the sun off his delicate skin. I hope he brings me one of these home.
Here Elder Leavitt is out tracking with his companion. No sidewalks or paved roads. And where did his parasol go?

Okay, these next few pictures are not for the squamish. This is a Cameron eating chicken intestines. Makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little just thinking about it. But then he ate...
A chicken foot. OOOO...what have they done to my son? I hope he isn't expecting to come home and make us try this. No Thanks!!
Okay, this next picture he didn't tell me what this was about. This just looks like he was having way too much fun getting his face dirty.
Yesterday was Elder Leavitt's 5-month day. Another month and he will be on his "Bump", and offically be out 6-months. He said that he knows he has a long time left, but if the time goes as quickly as the first few months, then his mission will go by too fast. He is growing accustom to his surroundings and loves the people he is serving. He thanks everyone that has written for all thier support, and keep those letters coming!