Sunday, December 25, 2011

Haupt Family Christmas 2011

The Haupt Family Christmas party is an event that we all look forward to each year. We usually have someone from out of town that happens to be in town show up. Last year we had Linda an Wylee, this year it was Levi and Torrie and their cute girls. We all have such a great time and look forward to doing it over again next year. This is Levi and Torrie, Torrie is expecting baby #3 in March, another girl. They make the cutest little girls. We were all so glad they could be there.
Tradition! Frosting cookies. Emma was a pro at her cookie frosting!

Steve oversaw the cookie frosting, and made sure they all met the cookie code! Good thing we have him around.

Cameron and Casey were over the broken cookies, making sure the were frosted too. Here is one of their masterpieces. Of course only a few made it this far, they thought their job was to frost and EAT the broken cookies, and they did do a fabulous job of that. At least the didn't spoil their appetites for dinner. We all enjoyed a great meal then moved on to the games.

One of our all time favorite games we play every year...."The Candy Bar" game. Roll a seven or a double and take a candy bar, of course once all the candy is taken from the middle, you have to keep up with who has your favorite candy bar.

Casey just lost the "Snowball Gobbstoppers", it was a hot item that everyone kept stealing.

Vick enjoying her brand new grandson, Jackson. He is only 1-week old, but made it to the family party.

And the highlight of the night is the "White Elephant" gift exchange. Things get more than crazy and every year we have such unique gifts show up. Tony was thrilled with his Monkey itch powder...thanks to Levi!

And then the Elves came out to let us know that we would soon be having a special guest arrive. These two didn't even plan their shirts, but hey, they worked perfect with their job that night.

When Santa arrived, Emma was soo excited she had to take Santa right in and show him her "Elf on a Shelf" Bernard, and he had been watching her all day. Santa was so happy to hear from Bernard that Emma and Charlotte were being soo good this year.

Emma was the first on Santa'a lap, can you just see the excitement in her eyes? She just loved her visit with Santa.

Big brother Tyson and baby Jackson with Santa and his elves.

The Levi Haupt family with Santa.

The Arnett Family, and their early Chrismas gift baby Jackson.

The Vaterlaus family and Santa. Grandma and Grandpa Haupt with Santa
OPPS...I am busted kissing Santa Claus! Hey he is a great kisser!(Except fot that nasty mustache)

And finally our Leavitt family, minus Courtney with Santa. We do LOVE our family Christmas parties, and look forward to see who can make it next year. Merry Christmas!

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